Best Backend Technologies for Mobile Apps

In the world of mobile app development, one word you might probably encounter is the 'Backend' of a mobile app. If you are a novice or an entrepreneur with minimum technical knowledge,
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game development technologies

Top 5 Mobile Game Development Technologies

Who doesn't love video games? Most video games entrap us in a magical world where we might be a superhero, fighting ninja, fast racer, enchanting fairy, or a brilliant craftsman. A good game will make you an addict in seconds!!
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Dream 11

Is Dream 11 Legal? Easy Steps to Make a Gaming App that can Earn Money

As IPL 2021 is near the corner, Dream 11 has been the talk of the town once again. Sports enthusiasts are familiar with the app ever since its launch. Watching a match and getting a chance to win money is not an opportunity someone would not want to miss.
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Mobile App Development Trends To Watch In 2021

The year 2021 came with lots of uncertainty after experiencing the greatest pandemic of our time when the world went to a standstill. As businesses became another geopolitical battlefield, economies are trying their level best to bounce back to recovery.
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How to build a tech company without a tech team

How to build a tech company without a tech team

If you are a non-techie person, will you be able to launch a tech company? The only asset you have is a crazy creative idea which you are damn sure about hitting the jackpot.
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mobile app development

Outsourcing vs own team vs hybrid model - Which is the best for your startup

When it comes to building a product, many ask this question - In house or outsource? With the level of expertise and skill required to develop an app, some businesses prefer to outsource the job and collaborate with the best in the industry
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video streaming mobile app

How Much it Costs to develop Video Streaming Mobile App like Netflix, Hotstar and Amazon Prime

Video streaming apps have changed our movie viewing experience. With a plethora of videos, web series and movies available through mobile applications like Amazon Prime, Netflix, Disney Hotstar etcetera, viewers have limitless options to choose from.
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Mobile app development for business

Why a hybrid mobile app can be a good idea for your business

Mobile apps have revolutionized and transformed the way businesses function. They are an asset that helps businesses spearhead their way to success. Mobile apps are that single platform that can assist businesses to build their customer base.
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Why people need to stop obsessing over UI design

Why people need to stop obsessing over UI design

We have had many clients telling us how their mobile app or website User Interface (UI) needs to be crisp, stunning and creative.
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