Around the world, people are changing over from the traditional cable TV connection to Internet-based streaming services for better accessibility of content. The new platform for media distribution is called the OTT streaming service and it is becoming more and more popular by the day. Read on to find out more about OTT video platforms

What is an OTT Platform 

The acronym ‘OTT’ expands to ‘Over-The-Top.’ Initially, this term was used to refer to the devices used in cable TV systems so that customers could access TV content. OTT platforms deliver content via the Internet, circumventing the need to pay subscriptions to traditional cable broadcast and satellite TV service providers. OTT platforms enable users to access and view content anytime, anywhere, and on any device with viable Internet connectivity. 

Unlike cable or satellite TV services, users control what they want to watch in the case of streaming services. The OTT platform offers a practical and more flexible solution as users can access content through a device of their choice, not just the TV. Apart from PCs, mobiles, and tablets, several dedicated OTT devices are available too. These include Smart TVs, gaming consoles, Apple TVs, OTT TV Boxes, Roku TVs, Chromecast, etc. Some of the top OTT platforms in the world include Netflix, Disney+Hotstar, HBO Max, ESPN+, and Amazon Prime Video, among others. 

OTT Platform Features 

When developing an OTT platform, it is important to ensure that it has a few key features that help both service providers and users meet their requirements. They include the following: 

For OTT Platform Users 

Profile management – Users should be able to add personal information such as their name, profile picture, social media accounts, etc.

Screen mirroring – This feature enables users to watch content on a device of their choice.

Payment gateway – Irrespective of whether users prefer to make payments via credit/debit card, net banking, or UPI, they should be able to transfer money in a safe and secure manner.

Search – Users should be able to search for content according to their interests.

Offline download – Subscribers should be able to download and save the content so that they can watch it later offline.

TV channel API – The platform must support TV channel API integration so as to help users enjoy live OTT streaming.

Social login – This feature allows users to log in faster with just a click. 

For Service Providers 

Monetization – It should be simple and easy for OTT services to monetize their content. Different options for monetization include running ads within the platform, a monthly or annual subscription model, and charging users on a per-video basis.

Push Notifications -The push notifications feature is very important because it makes users come back to the platform for more. It helps service providers to let users know as regards new releases, upcoming releases, and more.

Wishlist – Users don’t like to waste time searching for the same thing again and again. That’s why a wishlist is an unavoidable feature for any OTT delivery platform. A wish list is what helps users stay engaged on the OTT platform.

Banner Videos – Banner videos help grab the attention of users that come to the platform to watch OTT videos. Amazon Prime Video is a good example, as the platform displays the latest releases by way of a carousel format banner. It also presents OTT TV providers with an opportunity for monetization. 

The features mentioned above are an absolute must right at the launch of the platform. A couple of other features can be added later on depending on the performance of the OTT platform.

 What Benefits Do OTT Platforms Offer 

Custom OTT services offer many advantages for companies that want to capitalize on the latest viewership trends, ensure deeper engagement, and improve customer satisfaction. The major advantages are: 

The biggest advantage offered by OTT is better to control of companies over content distribution. From quality and content type to audience, monetization, user experience, and data, companies have the flexibility to streamline each aspect as per their customers’ needs. Further, OTT TV providers can reach out directly to their target audience and develop a communication channel to receive user reviews, feedback, and ratings. This provides OTT companies with access to a large amount of user data, which they can use to offer personalized services and promotions. Cloud-based OTT solutions enable the scaling up of operations quickly across multiple geographies. Besides, OTT platforms offer service providers the flexibility of choosing a monetization model depending on their users’ requirements. 

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