Mobile App Development Trends To Watch In 2021


The year 2021 came with lots of uncertainty after experiencing the greatest pandemic of our time when the world went to a standstill. As businesses became another geopolitical battlefield, economies are trying their level best to bounce back to recovery. But not everything is gloom and doom. As we are already into the first quarter of 2021, the past predictions proved true regarding the strong trends that the world would witness in political, economic, technological, and marketing arenas.

The year 2020 forced the strong adoption of several technological behaviors in our daily life. Video conferencing, online shopping, food delivery, telemedicine, remote work, distance learning have become the new norm of life. 2021 is yet to show us whether these will continue their race or not.

To stay successful in this changing economy, you need to stay up to date and follow the latest trends. Customers are always the kings and one step ahead. In custom app development, it is evident that only those app development companies that can deliver smarter, innovative solutions would taste success. Some of the trends that the mobile app development sector would embrace in the year 2021 are summarized below.

The promise of 5G

The much-awaited 5G technology has finally hit the market. The tech giants such as AT&T and Verizon are leading the U.S 5G sector with broader connectivity. With a transfer speed of 100GB/s, 5G is here to revolutionize everything. The predicted 5G connections are to touch 1.1 billion by 2025.

A smoother video streaming without buffering will no longer be a dream! iPhone 12 has already made provisions for 5G technology. Isn't this a strong signal to the app developers to upscale their development to support 5G technology? 5G is about to change the way apps are created and used. High speed combined with low latency and more stability would pave the way to create more apps that customers love.

5G will enable Virtual Reality streaming, a better live streaming experience, support multiple people in live networking online events.

Inclusion of AI & ML

Artificial Intelligence-powered apps are not new to us. Apple's Siri and Google Assistant have already become our new friends. The year 2021 would see AI playing a more active role in our lives. The real potential of AI lies beyond mere speech recognition or smart filters like Face App and Prisma. Text and image classification, sentiment recognition, predictive maintenance would eventually find their way to mobile apps.

When Machine Language takes center stage with AI, it can learn users' general behavior, infer patterns, and then take actions accordingly. This technology would give users a unique experience! Suppose that you need to shop for T-shirts online. Imagine that the moment you open an app, it shows you the newest collections in your desired range from your favorite brand. How awesome it would be! The inclusion of AI & ML in mobile apps will undoubtedly improve app performance and enhance mobile commerce. Core ML 3, the latest iOS machine learning framework, helps developers incorporate AI technology into Apple's apps.

Connectivity of IoT

The Internet of Things, though an old jargon, is taking the world by storm. The consumer market has widely received this technology with the advent of smartphones, smartwatches, and smart home appliances. Be it agriculture, automobile, complex machinery, or smart homes, IoT has its role everywhere!

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The IoT market expects to exceed 500 billion dollars by the year 2022. IoT opens up a whole new world for app developers to develop apps that can engage with other smart appliances in real-time. IoT makes smart-home automation very convenient and relatively simple. An app would be able to manage your home completely too from a remote location! IoT products like August doorbell cam, August smart lock, Philips lighting system, and Amazon Dash button have already won enough customers. With IoT devices trending, apps to control them from customers' smartphones will be the next profit pool.

The rise in wearables

Smart wearables have been a hot trend for a long time now. The market for smart wearables is at an all-time high since the world shows a deep interest in healthcare now more than ever before. They are mainly used for tracking health parameters and for diagnostic purposes. They are used in Augmented Reality also. For example, smart glasses can help in navigation, underwater diving, drone piloting, etc.

The rise in smart wearables such as smartphones, jewelry, display devices also generates equally smart-mobile apps to manage them efficiently and effectively. With the integration of IoT, we can handle smart wearables from even remote locations. Mind-reading glasses, smart shirts, camera buttons, virtual assistance in contact lenses are some of the future wearables. The world is yet to see an evolution of smart wearables, and more new apps to manage them!

Opportunities with M-Commerce

The process of buying and selling products or services through mobile devices is known as M-Commerce. It was happening through mobile-optimized web pages until recently. But the new standard of the town is to shop through mobile apps. As per the reports from Business Insider Intelligence, M-commerce shows steady growth and would hit $488 billion by 2024.

A recent study shows that 85% of people love native apps over mobile web pages out of convenience. Even the retail sellers prefer mobile apps now. Therefore the best choice is to trust any professional mobile app development company to build native mobile apps.

Mobile apps allow platforms to send intelligent notifications according to their shopping behavior and preferences.

Chatbots for optimum user experience

Chatbots have been here for more than a decade and are far from perfect. But we cannot deny the fact that they have evolved and advanced a lot in these years. Chatbots on websites are the most popular customer service now. Even then, when it comes to apps, not many of them have ventured into bot services. With advancements in AI, ML, and natural language processing, the chatbot responses are comparatively human-like now.

Therefore 2021 will see more apps with the inclusion of smart chatbots to escalate user experience. A professional app development company like Zartek technologies can assist you in the inclusion of chatbot services in your app.

Trending cloud-based applications

Cloud technology which once started as a hosting service continues to amaze us with its benefits and possibilities. Cloud storage offers the most feasible and faster method to store and access app data safely. Though cloud technology has not penetrated the mobile app development sector much, the year 2021 would see a difference.

Cloud integrated mobile apps promise attractive features. They can run directly on the cloud without using the phone's internal memory. Even if the phone crashes, your app data will be safe in the cloud. The development of cloud-based apps is much easier and faster with cost-saving. And the users can access the apps seamlessly without installing them. Cross-platform development would be easier with cloud technology. A smoother UX with data security is another add-on of a cloud-based mobile app!

The mobile app industry will expand and bloom at a booming pace with the trends that 2021 presents us with, no doubt. To stay abreast, to stand out in the crowd, you should collaborate with a powerful mobile app development company like Zartek. With Zartek, your apps will be better, faster, and simpler!! Contact us today. We are the forerunners in the mobile app development sector with Flutter technology.