Every adversity brings opportunity. This popular statement is accurate in almost all the scenarios. One can find great possibilities to learn, grow, and achieve in dark situations as well. The pandemic that engulfed the world has opened up several such prospects for visionary individuals.

People’s concepts have witnessed a quantum change, with global lockdowns enacted by governments to curtail the spread of the COVID-19 disease. A major transformation has been in the e-commerce, entertainment, and education app development sectors. The entities that envisaged this reaped the greatest benefits.

Mobile apps that engaged users with brilliant UIs and optimal UX could gain acceptance and garner extensive reach. The top Indian apps with the best UI/UX are discussed here to offer you a broad perspective on what works and what doesn’t.

Indian Apps with the Best UI/UX

The shift in customer concepts has led to the launch of several start-ups. The conducive start-up ecosystem in India has augmented the phenomenon. No wonder the country is one of the fastest-growing unicorn hubs in the world.

The 5 Indian apps with the best UI/UX are listed here.

ET Money


The personal finance app has registered brilliant growth with more than 5 million downloads and counting. Admirable efforts from the designers and developers have made this mobile app a success in India. The user-friendly interface offers an uncluttered experience. With this, the user can manage funds, plan tax, view expenditure, consider investments, check out varying mutual fund options, and so on.



Unacademy is one of the largest online learning apps in India that offers learning opportunities to students of all streams, especially to aspirants who are preparing for competitive exams. Unacademy offers live sessions, both free and subscription-based, in diverse courses. This education technology startup based out of Bengaluru could garner millions of downloads in a short time. Their success lies in their planning and preparation. They gained widespread appreciation and acceptance by handpicking the top educators in the country. The Unacademy app's strength is its fully responsive, clean, and well-organized UI. The creators have succeeded in providing a positive user experience with this well-designed UI.



CRED has been in the news since its beginning due to its amazing user interface. Harish Sivaramakrishnan is the brain of CRED's design framework. CRED is a credit card bill payment app that gives amazing rewards to users for paying their credit card bills on time. Gamification and seamless visuals are used in the app to keep users engaged on the app. CRED has managed to develop a circle that is geared for high retention by adding coin-based games to the platform, where you earn coins by using the app and spend the coins acquired on games on the same platform. The platform recently switched to a 'Copper Synth' design framework with a neumorphism theme, which improves the app's aesthetic appeal.



Swiggy was initially a common app on youngsters’ mobile phones. Time has changed. Nowadays, customers, irrespective of age, use Swiggy. The food delivery app has a simple yet beautiful design. It allows selection of restaurants, searches for a specific delicacy or food item, and displays real-time info regarding the food delivery. The UI/UX team has intelligently blended the ads as well, without affecting the user experience.



In a short time, Dineout has become one of the largest dining-out and restaurant reservation solutions. Innovativeness is what distinguishes this app from others. Offering deals and exclusive discounts, the app has become one of the favourite choices, especially in metro cities. A catchy user interface that has a simple design is both attractive and user-friendly. Users can browse through the sections without any ambiguities. The super cool navigation makes it one of the apps with the best UI/UX in India.

Urban Ladder


One of the e-commerce platforms that focuses on furniture, home décor, interior design items, sofa sets, etc., Urban Ladder, gained more users with its interactive and responsive interface. The UI/UX has been the prime factor in ensuring phenomenal downloads. Urban Ladder offers the customer personalised recommendations, a zoom feature for examining the furniture design, and the option to track orders. The app has one of the best UI/UX in India.



Zomato has been another successful food delivery app in India. Definitely, the UI/UX factors have played a prominent role in ensuring the acceptance of the mobile app. The interactive features, smooth browsing, clutter-free design, and imaginative style pattern make the app different from others. The UI/UX development team of Zomato has to be applauded for structuring the app so efficiently.

The Conclusion

The capability, skill, knowledge, expertise, and imagination of the UI/UX development team play a key role in making the app a success. Professionals should view the app from a user’s point of view and institute design features accordingly. Furthermore, the user interface would depend on the sector to which the app belongs.

Therefore, you cannot have a thumb rule regarding the design and development of the app. Predominantly, it would necessitate study and research by the team to identify the customer segment. The features, style, design, and overall interface would depend on who the users are.

For example, the approach to an e-commerce platform for furniture would be different from that of a digital learning platform. This means that you should select the UI/UX team only after a thorough analysis.