Telemedicine is one of the most important advancements that helped a majority of the population during the unprecedented times of the pandemic. Telemedicine was a blessing in disguise, which helped people to take care of their health indefinitely without visiting the hospital. 

Telemedicine apps also do the greater good by being present. Remote parts of India now have access to the incredible possibilities of online consultation and even medication delivery at the touch of a finger. Telemedicine apps help in reducing the disparity between urban and rural areas concerning healthcare facilities. 

Let's take a quick look at the telemedicine apps in India:

1. Practo

Practo has the leading telemedicine application in India. They started as a booking platform for online doctor consultations. 

Practo has its services rendered in over 100 cities in India. Practo has now ventured into providing medicine delivery at the doorstep. They have tie-ups with many local drug pharmacists. All the user has to do is upload their prescription to the Practo platform; the medicine is on its way. Practo also provides additional benefits to their loyal users through discount coupons on consultations and blood work from prescribed laboratories. 

2. 1mg

1mg is one of the leading digital platforms for consumer healthcare in India. They encompass all of your medical needs, ranging from allopathy, homeopathy, Ayurveda, and nutritional supplements. They deliver medicines from licensed pharmacies. 1mg also provides qualified doctor consultations, lab tests, and blogs on authentic information related to various ailments. They have their platform in over 1000 Indian cities.

3. Pharmeasy

Pharmeasy has over one lakh medicines and products in different categories which are sent through authentic retail stores at your doorstep. They have a guaranteed delivery within 24-48 hours. Pharmeasy is accountable for 25 million users, 8.8 million order placements and 2.4 million regular transacting customers. These numbers are quite huge when compared to most of the telemedicine apps in India. They also provide discount structures as good as 70% while benefiting from their services. 

4. NetMeds

Dadha & Company brings you NetMeds, India Ki Pharmacy. The Dadha & Company has been in the pharmaceutical business with over 100 years of experience. NetMed's mission is to take care of the health requirements of every Indian citizen effortlessly. They offer you the convenience of sitting at your home and purchasing your medicines and assure you of the trustworthiness of the company in bringing quality medicines to your doorstep. NetMeds were the popular choice in the northern parts of India during the COVID-induced lockdown. Every sort of payment option is available, from credit cards to cash on delivery.

5. E- Sanjeevani

E-Sanjeevani is a telemedicine app which was launched in June 2020 during Covid Pandemic. It is a Kerala Government initiative. 

They provide telemedicine services all around Kerala. E-Sanjeevani has on board 4727 doctors and serves around 500 to 700 patients everyday during the pandemic. Their services are offered at no cost. The doctors at the premium hospitals in Kerala have become part of the E-Sanjeevani initiative. The usage of this platform is in proportion to the demand of the public. 

E-Sanjeevani is an essential platform for people in old-age homes, palliative care, orphanages, etc.


mCHEMIST modernizes the conventional practice of buying medicines. Their steps for purchasing medicine are hassle-free and quick. They offer products that are one hundred percent authentic and from well-known brands. mCHEMIST provides maximum affordability to its users. The users can upload multiple prescriptions on their digital platform. 

mChemist telemedicine platform gives away compliance reminders to their users to remind them of refilling their user requirements for medicines. They provide free diabetes counseling for their users. They have a wide range of products, ranging from ayurvedic supplements to wellness products.

7. SmartMedics

SmartMedics helps in ordering medicines from different branches of medicine. Medicines can be ordered all across India through their website or digital platform. They will either collect the prescription from your home or you can upload it directly on the website. 

The smartmedics app offers around a 22% discount on all healthcare products. SmarMedics doesn't charge their users a delivery fee and their minimum order is Rs 100. 

8.   Lybrate 

This is another popular telemedicine app that can be accessed through both Android and iOS stores. Lybrate provides online medical consultation, lab test booking, etc. They also provide online quizzes to create awareness of diseases and well-being for the general public. 

9.  Doctor on Demand


Doctor on Demand puts forward preventive care and helps with behavioral health. They address people's immediate healthcare needs such as common colds and coughs, infections, allergies, and so on. Doctor on Demand provides immediate and urgent services to its users. They leave the choice of selecting the provider the patient would like to talk to.  

10.   AskApollo

Apollo line of hospitals is a well-known figure in the medical industry. It is a one-stop health care facility where you can book easy consultations with the doctor you choose. The users can upload their prescription on their digital platform and get the medicine home-delivered. Users can also easily track their orders through Ask Apollo. The users can also schedule appointments at Apollo's lab and diagnostic centers. The users can connect with doctors through audio or video consultations. 

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Telemedicine apps have helped numerous people to avail the services of healthcare professionals at a nominal cost without the need to travel. It also saves the users a lot of time, which is usually spent waiting in the queue. It also increases the availability and purchasing of medicines as one needn't go looking for medical shops to get the medicine on their prescription. 

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