“Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder," or, to adapt to modern times, “Beauty lies in the eye of your user!" Whether you’re a startup, small business, or MNC, run-of-the-mill designs aren’t doing it anymore. As consumers become accustomed to being wowed every day, so do the standards for companies. The smoother the experience gets, the higher the standards are for businesses. India, long known for its creativity, has played the UI/UX game right, with numerous studios competing for the top spots. Worried about choosing the right ones for your business or simply want to peruse through designs that soothe your soul? We’ve got you covered! Check out our picks for the top UI and UX studios in India.


This Mumbai-based UX/UI design agency has been highly acclaimed by various publications like MoneyControl, The Times of India for being the one of the best in the game! With award winning designers Rahul KC and Swati Verma at the reins, Ungrammary takes into consideration design, and scalability, which has helped them win over the hearts of multiple well-known clients like Adobe, Fossil Group, Adani, Kotak Mahindra Bank and much more! Ungrammary has also taken the center of the stage with various prestigious awards like the Muse Creative Award in 2021, International Design Awards and the DNA Paris Design Award as well. Ungrammary provides Digital Product Design, UX/UI Design Consulting, and Interface Design Services with intuitive designs that help you stand out from the crowd!


Mumbai seems to be the land where creativity blooms and here’s yet another design firm from Mumbai that has taken the UI/UX design world by storm! Silverscoop is a user-centric design firm that has been critically what with a Clutch reviewing it as the Top User Experience company in 2023. Founded in 2017, Silverscoop enables startups and SMEs to scale and stay relevant with design strategies that mesmerize your users. They also have a huge clientbase that includes bookmyshow, saregama, moneycontrol and more! Silverscoop’s “The Leap” program claims to do a design sprint process where designs that usually take a month or so, are made within few days! This process includes taking care of UI/UX, Prototyping and Branding. Have you always wanted to work with design experts who can speed up the process without sacrificing quality? Silverscoop’s the one for you!


SeekThem is a creative design and brand services agency located in Ahmedabad. SeekThem, with such a quirky name, also works with their quirky side. Need a UI/UX designer that works exclusively for you? SeekThem also lets you hire the best UI/UX designers and manage your project from beginning to end! Although based in Ahmedabad, SeekThem has a worldwide client base, including News Corp, Travel-O-Deal, and much more! Ranked among one of the seven best UX design firms by 99 firms, SeekThem might just be the perfect partner to add the “WOW” factor to your business ideas!

GoodWork Labs

While GoodWork Labs is more than just a UI/UX design studio, their UI/UX team has received a lot of praise! With well-acclaimed clients like Flipkart, Apple, Phoenix Market City, and even Sesame Street, their client base seems to only be growing. They’re also a Google Certified Agency, which isn’t a surprise considering their well-researched and quick process. Wireframing, prototyping, iteration, timely delivery, and gaining user feedback are how GoodWork Lab’s UX design studio works. Want to experiment with design techniques? GoodWork Labs will help take over with fascinating out-of-the-box design ideas!


This Bangalore-based startup claims to be a mobile app development company that puts design at the heart of innovation. UX research, logo and branding, and visual design are all part of GeekyAnts' UI/UX services. While they started out with small improvements in client designs, they realised they could do so much better with a UI/UX studio under their wing! They were also named under Top Developers “Top UI/UX Designing Company in 2020." Their clientele includes PopSmartKids, NeutralFrame, and many others from all over the world! As the name suggests, GeekyAnts is the right place if you’re somebody who geeks out about design!


The Chennai-based UI/UX studio UXMint focuses on clean UI and UX designs that provide value to your customers. Founded in 2014 by a team of designers, artists, programmers, and more, UXMint is also quite experienced working with big and small clients alike, including the likes of SHRAMY, Cook my Grub, FCA, World Vision, and much more! A UI/UX studio that caters to end-to-end solutions is what UXMint is best known for, and their services include UX consulting, Interface Design, and Usability Testing. UXMint also has a design research wing that incorporates a couple of courses for freshers to make UI/UX designing accessible to all!


From early-stage startups to world-renowned brands, Lollypop has worked with them all! Headquartered in Bangalore, this UI/UX design studio was founded in 2013 by Anil Reddy, the artistic brain behind Lollypop. They have a wide range of services including UX Research, UX Design, UI Design, Front End Development, and User Testing thus taking charge of your entire design process. Lollypop has worked with over 250 clients all over the world, including some major industry heavyweights like Vodafone Idea, Intel, Lenovo, Tata Steel, Oyo, Stanford, and more! They’ve also expanded their branches to Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad, the USA, the UAE, and Vietnam!