Launching your mobile app is only half the battle. With millions of mobile applications launched every year, all are fighting for a piece of the pie. Reaching the potential users, prompting them to download the app and maintaining the increased customer influx is what challenges the companies.

Mobile app analytics tools in flutter are the guide to identifying the right user segment, to strategize the marketing and approach. Exploring the app analytics tool in a flutter, the digital marketing team campaign can frame productive campaigns.

What is a mobile app analytics tool?

Determining the things that work and that don’t, is the key to formulating the app’s structure and the placement of the buttons. An app analytics tool would examine the performance of the mobile application and reveal the intricate aspects of user behaviour pattern, the user segment, and the possibilities of optimization. Developers / Product owners can use the inputs from analytics to improve the app accordingly.

Not all the analytics tools will be of use to all the mobile apps. It may become a herculean task for the mobile app developer to finalize the tool to apply. Our team got down into the fine features of each of the app analytics tools in flutter and enlisted the highly recommended ones. This article is intended to offer the developers / product owners and clients a clear vision of the best mobile analytics tools in Flutter.


Firebase is a free mobile app analytics tool that can be employed in iOS, Android and Unity platforms. The tool would analyse the app comprehensively and would also submit the productive infrastructure suggestion to build the app. Also loaded with features including crash reporting, hosting and A/B testing, Firebase is a preferable analytics tool. Having a strong foothold among the developers, you would find this in the SDK stack of several leading mobile applications. The features available in Firebase are:

  • intelligent user segmentation

  • Dashboard view of events and region

  • Predictive analytics

  • Connections to other services like big query


Available in two different plans, namely People Plan and Engagement Plan, this app analytics tool is simple to use and explore. Those developers, who are new to the field or with a low understanding of implementing analytics can also make use of Mixpanel. The tool offers accurate info about the user path from varying sources. It delivers all-encompassing analytics services and became popular among the developers in a quick time. You can own this mobile app analytics tool for free or monthly/ yearly subscription plans. However, the free plan has limited functionality only. Mixpanel has the following features as well:

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  • Helps in building customized reports for each of the mobile apps

  • Funnelling the audience is also possible. It would aid in segregating the user segments, to improve the app

  • All the data including the location of the users, the device used, channels that offer more traffic etc.

  • Push notifications

  • Tracking the engagement


Applicable in both iOS and Android platforms, Amplitude offers features like the Mixpanel app analytics tool. Both paid and free variants of this tool are available. However, the free option is not available for apps with more than ten million users in a month. Exclusive functionalities provided by Amplitude mobile app analytics tool include:

  • Real-time analytical report

  • Segregation of user segment

  • Scalable analytical report

  • Funnelling

  • Determination of retention rate

Adobe Analytics

Adobe Analytics from a renowned software development firm is a paid app analytics tool. Usable in both iOS and Android platforms, the app has several advanced tools that help the user segment correctly. With these tools, the developers and marketing team can decipher the customer psyche, to design a brilliantly performing app. Adobe Analytics features are:

  • User flow exploration

  • Cohort analysis

  • Customized histograms elaborating the performance statistics

  • Contribution analysis


This easy to install and operate mobile app analytics tool can be acquired free. Designed and developed by one of the pioneers in the web world, Yahoo, this tool doesn’t require in-depth knowledge for installation. It can be used in Android, iOS and Windows operating systems. Flurry helps you determine user flow, active user statistics, tracking of new users, user session reports, and analysis of the activities in the app portfolio.

Flurry offers you:

  • Crash event reports

  • Funnels

  • User segments

  • Cohorts

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UXCam is a complete mobile app analytics solution. It has a spectrum of features that helps in beta testing of the app and obtaining detailed analytics reports. Developers can examine the user sessions by employing this tool. UXCam facilitates identifying technical glitches, bugs, under-performing aspects etc. A thorough understanding of the user perception, user behaviour and engaging elements can make the app development more productive. UXCam is known to offer this and more.

Exclusive features of UXCam app analytics tool include:

  • User path, including the buttons they click and the least clicked elements

  • Insights about the reasons behind bounce rates

  • Replicate user sessions to reduce crashes significantly

  • Offering better info for enhancing customer traffic and increasing conversion rate

  • Clear idea about the individual users, which would divulge what works and what doesn’t

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