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Zartek designs and develops mobile and web apps that delight your users and grow your business. We work with individuals and organizations to create products and help them to market to the target audience.

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Akbar BadhshaUI Developer, TCS
Highly professional and optimistic team. They made us at ease during every discussion and carefully studied our requirements. They delivered the product in a quick turnaround time and to sum it all- a fantastic experience!
Sharuk MohammedBDM, Asma Rubber Products
The team responded quickly to our requirements and delivered the project in the promised time. They communicated with our previous service providers in handing over the credentials and to host the website.
Aqil AshiqueCEO, Driver Logistics
This is one of a few projects we have with Zartek. They have such a well rounded team and network to fulfill any requirement- tech consulting, data automation, process automation , website development, ERP etc.
Anto JohnCOO, Asimov Robotics
Zartek was able co-ordinate very well with the project team. They were able to promptly address any changes or queries. The project was finished smoothly well within the deadline.
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Frequently Asked Questions

You can contact us on (+91)7736226886 or email us your requirement at
Hiring app developers in Maharashtra/India will be the most advisable thing. We understand that you are confused as both countries are in different time zones. App development companies in Pune and other parts of the country will work according to the client’s preferred timing. Therefore, you don’t have to be concerned about the time zones. They will be available 24x7 for you. After ascertaining both pros and cons, we believe that hiring an app developer from India will be the right way ahead. Indian app developers are meticulous and keen professionals. They will get the app designed and developed in quick time and at competitive rates. Moreover, the app developers in Kerala will be swift in resolving issues and answering your concerns.
Yes. We will have several discussion sessions prior to commencing the mobile app development. The mobile app design and development team will take note of your requirements elaborately and undertake in-house discussions to incorporate your concepts in the mobile app in the best possible way. After designing and developing the app, we will forward a beta version to you, for inspection and suggestions. You can propose modifications and changes on the app even after development. We will make all the necessary efforts to include those features as well.
Pune, Maharashtra has several advanced app development firms. We are proud to be one of the leading mobile app development companies in Pune. The advantages of hiring mobile app developers in Pune include Experts in various software technologies available at affordable charges, Cost-effective solutions, Comprehensive services, Availability of world-class talent, Ready to work according to your needs, No limitations concerning the design aspect of the mobile apps We will be signing a Non Disclosure (NDA) Agreement with you. Thus, all the professionals on our team are bound to maintain the secrecy of every data shared with us. Further, the data transfer will be done through a secured channel preventing any kind of data leak.

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