Fluttering High: An Inside Look at India's Best Flutter Apps of 2023

Have you ever had a question in your head thinking, What popular apps use Flutter? Or maybe, Can you make good apps with Flutter? Like all the existing apps? Then you have landed on the right page and the right place for the answer! Buckle up as we unravel the top apps made with Flutter in 2023 in this blog. 

Flutter: The Game Changer in App Development

Born from the genius minds at Google, Flutter is a UI toolkit that has completely revolutionized the app development world. With a single codebase, it crafts breath-taking applications for mobile, web, and desktop, leading to the incredible growth of Flutter app development companies. 

You might think, Why Flutter? Why not anything else? Well, Flutter has a number of benefits up its sleeve. This might not be the case with other toolkits in the industry.  From faster coding with its 'hot reload' feature to an impressive catalog of widgets and UI customization options - Flutter has it all. This clearly puts Flutter in the spotlight as the most preferred option among tech enthusiasts.

But that's not it! According to the reports and data statistics that as of 2021, Flutter was the second most popular cross-platform mobile framework used by global developers, right after React Native. Fascinating, isn't it?

The Indian Connection: Flutter and Indian App Developers

India is a hotbed of creativity and technological prowess, and its innovative developers are making great strides with Flutter. Let's dive into India's tech scene and check out some standout apps built with Flutter in 2023 without further ado.

Google Ads

Google Ads is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear "top 10 successful apps made with Flutter." Google Ads has altered the way marketers manage their campaigns with Flutter, from ad planning to efficiency tracking. This robust commercial application has led the way, demonstrating Flutter's dominance in the creation of business products and many other things tech!


Dream11, a sensation in the Indian fantasy sports platform, deserves its place in the top apps built with Flutter in 2023. Captivating sports enthusiasts, Dream11 has brought sports fans closer to the game they love, a testament to Flutter's capabilities.


Next on the list is Khatabook, a digital ledger app revolutionizing small businesses in India all over. It has simplified transactions for millions, making complex tasks user-friendly and in layman’s terms for anyone. It is of no surprise that it emerged as one of the top Flutter apps in 2023.


In the education sector, Toppr reigns the crown for supreme. This comprehensive educational platform uses Flutter to provide everything from online classes to live doubt-solving sessions and FAQs. For Toppr, Flutter has been the base to transform the way students learn, making education accessible and an easy task to all.


No group of top apps made with Flutter in 2023 would be complete without mentioning YONO SBI. This digital banking app has made banking seamless, amplifying Flutter's potential in handling confidential info and data-sensitive applications. 


Zomato, a leader in the food delivery and restaurant industry, is another top tier participant among apps developed with Flutter. Zomato's expansive and butter- smooth platform is a clear proof of Flutter's capabilities in creating large-scale applications with absolute perfection.


1mg, is a leading healthcare app in India, is another hardcore platform showing the power of Flutter. It has made healthcare services like ordering medicine and booking health tests as easily as normal online shopping, adding another feather in Flutter's cap.

In the wellness arena, has paired hands with Flutter, offering live fitness classes, interactive workout sessions, and nutrition advice from different health professionals. It showcases how Flutter is able to enhance user experience in health and wellness sector.


Fantasy sports have found a loyal friend in Flutter, with MyTeam11 being the perfect example. As one of the leading fantasy sports platforms in India, MyTeam11 provides an engaging, dynamic user experience that keeps users coming back. This digital playground showcases that when you put your trust in Flutter, you indeed make good apps.


One of the giants of e-commerce in India, Flipkart, also employs the Flutter framework. The app offers an impressive, expansive, and user-friendly platform for online shopping, with a range of products that is virtually unparalleled. Whether it's electronics, clothes, groceries, or even furniture, Flipkart has it all. The Flutter framework powers the smooth navigation and features of the app, ensuring a seamless online shopping experience. This demonstrates that when you trust in Flutter, you can indeed create excellent, large-scale applications, setting a high bar in the e-commerce industry.


Google's Stadia, a heaven for gamers, is also part of the Flutter family. This cloud gaming service is a testament to Flutter's ability to handle high-performance applications while delivering an immersive, seamless gaming experience. And trust me, it's every gamer's dream come true!

Xianyu by Alibaba

Alibaba's Xianyu is a top-notch app built with the Flutter framework. Supporting a whopping user base of over 50 million, Xianyu is an app that redefines Flutter's capabilities. If you ever had doubts about Flutter's scalability, Xianyu lays them to rest!


PostMuse, a delightful gift for Instagram enthusiasts, deserves its place in the list of top apps made with Flutter in 2023. Offering a plethora of Instagram post templates and story inspirations, it shows how Flutter can be used to craft visually appealing and intuitive applications.


On the wellness front, Fastic stands tall. This app is a beacon in the Flutter apps in India, offering personalized fasting plans and progress tracking. Fastic makes health and wellness easily accessible to anyone, showing how Flutter can make a difference in our lives.


Bounce, an Indian bike-sharing app, uses Flutter to provide a hassle-free ride-booking experience. Bounce underscores Flutter's ability to build service-oriented applications with a seamless user experience.


Dunzo, an all-in-one delivery platform, has been a lifesaver for millions. Need groceries? Dunzo it! Want food from your favorite restaurant? Dunzo it! This hyper-local delivery app has showcased Flutter's prowess in managing multi-faceted operations, transforming the way India gets things done.


In the fashion retail sector, Myntra has emerged as a stylish success story. From high-end labels to affordable fashion, Myntra's user-friendly platform caters to diverse style palettes, proving Flutter's versatility in building visually engaging, smooth shopping experiences.


Sharing the limelight in the social media sector is ShareChat, an Indian social networking service. Offering content sharing in 15 regional languages, ShareChat's success is a testament to Flutter's localization support, enabling the app to reach the heart of India.


In the EdTech arena, DoubtNut has carved its niche. Offering solutions to students' queries in multiple languages, DoubtNut has made learning simple and interactive, exemplifying Flutter's capacity to shape the future of education in India.


Rounding off our list is Practo, a leading healthcare app. From booking doctor appointments to ordering medicines, Practo has digitalized healthcare services in India. Flutter's played a huge role in making this platform secure and efficient which possibly set new standards in the healthcare app sector as it is now.

From tech giants like Google to local favorites like fantasy cricket and Khatabook, Flutter has been the go-to framework for every tech enthusiast. Flutter can ensure that the visibility of your application is not limited and is introduced to a broader spectrum of audience.

Consider engaging a mobile app development company if you are on the groundworks of creating an app from scratch. You'll benefit from the expertise of dedicated developers in professional firms, who can guide your project from conceptualization  to successfully completing it, without compromising on the quality and efficiency of the product.

While you are selecting a development team for the app development, look for companies that have a Flutter showcase – a portfolio of their previous Flutter-built projects. This poses a major part as it provides valuable insight into their capabilities as well as their designing styles which will be leading to the potential success of your own project.

As we've toured the top apps made with Flutter in 2023, it's clear that Flutter has proven its versatility across a wide range of sectors and domains. The sky's the limit with Flutter. Turning everything it touches to gold!