If you are a non-techie person, will you be able to launch a tech company? The only asset you have is a crazy creative idea which you are damn sure about hitting the jackpot. But unfortunately, you do not belong to the tech world, or you do not have the so-called expertise to make your dream come true. Then, is it possible for you to come up with your dream project? Before answering it, consider the following names.

Brian Chesky, Melody McCloskey, Tim Westergren, Jack Ma - Do these people have anything in common besides the fact that they are some of the most successful entrepreneurs? Even if you have not come across their names, you surely know their products! Brian Chesky donned a revolutionary concept, home away from home, which led him to Airbnb. Melody McCloskey came up with StyleSeat, which is the largest marketplace in the beauty services industry. Tim Westergren is the CEO of Pandora Radio. Jack Ma is the founder of the Chinese Conglomerate Alibaba Group Holding Limited. So what do these guys have in common? They were all non-technical people who successfully launched their tech companies!! Yes, We have enough forerunners to prove that a non-techie person could be at the helm of a tech company.

The same theory goes with mobile app development as well. A mobile app need not always require a leader with a technical background to succeed. But you cannot deny that without coding and technical support, you cannot materialize your app! So how would you bridge this gap? The three possible options would be -

  • Find a technical co-founder

  • Hire a freelance developer

  • Trust a mobile app development company

Let us try to find out the impending challenges with each of these options.

Finding a Technical Co-Founder

Finding a technical co-founder or a CTO is much easier said than done. Finding the right person for the job is much more than placing a job ad on a job board. Possibly you might come across a developer who knows to code very well, with ease. But to get a person with technical know-how whom you can trust enough to build your business could be a tough bait. You will have to be careful with the person whom you choose. If he is not the right one, it can lead to your doom in no time.

A good CTO must possess strong technical skills and product development expertise. In other terms, he should also have a product vision. He will have to conceive your product ideas correctly and transform them into a working product. He should know the problems the end-users face, and he should come up with features that could solve their real-life problems.

Without a proper product development strategy, a CTO will not be able to do wonders! A good CTO knows how to manage the development resources wisely by choosing the most cost-effective development solutions. Therefore, at a closer look finding the right CTO for your dream project is not an easy job.

Hiring a Freelancer

Though this is a fantastic option, the reality is that you are not in control over the individual’s quality which adds more complications. Since you are not a techie, how will you evaluate the quality of the code by the freelancer? As per Lillian Chaves Moon, a partner in Akerman LLP Labor and Employment Practice Group in Orlando, Fla., entrepreneurs definitely should not go into contracting and freelancing employment blindly.

Another aspect of hiring freelancers is the scaling cost. Hiring a freelance developer can be cost-prohibitive considering their payment per hour scheme. A timely review of the project becomes difficult if the freelancer flusters you with this payment option. Since the demand for skilled developers is too high, it will be a waste of time if you begin to hunt for a good developer. It might also take you away from the other important issues of your business. Lack of proper communication, unavailability of the developer when you require him are some other risks involved while hiring a freelance developer. There are also chances that a freelancer does not have all the necessary skills and technologies to make your project alive.

Trusting a Mobile App Development Company

Is not your innovative idea precious to you like your baby? The nurturing and development of your app idea will only be at its best if assigned to trustable mobile app development companies. What are the benefits of hiring a mobile app development company?

Proficient Full-Cycle Administration

It is always better to work with organized tech teams if you are focused on success. With a mobile app development company like Zartek, your project gets the attention of a group of experts like supervisors, architects, developers, quality testers, and so on. An app development company has devoted assets and profitable experiences. They approach the mobile application development process more professionally with proven and fail-proof methodology. They understand and analyze the prerequisites of the customer and follow up with the customer regularly to develop the idea.

Cost Benefits

With the correct assumption of the expenditure of the project, a company can correctly calculate the cost of the project and quote it appropriately. This will avoid unpleasant surprises for the entrepreneur while concluding the project. A company like Zartek Technologies has separate methodologies to encourage cost cut-downs whenever you overhead the strategies and ensures an increasingly moderate consumption of business hours.

Free from Legal Issues

For an entrepreneur, his idea is most important. You will not have to fear your idea being copied, mistreated, or disregarded. A Non-disclosure Agreement with the company would seal the deal, and you are definitely on the safer side!

Backup and Maintenance

It is crucial to have the proper backup and maintenance of the application. A mobile app development company can secure your product and maintain it with no difficulties. Scaling up of the application, regular updates to the application are some other mundane tasks post-launch. But this will be a seamless job if the app is developed by a proficient mobile app development company like Zartek in the first place.

Yes, you can launch your dream app without any technical knowledge. But it will be possible only if you get support from a reputed mobile app development company with a demonstrated past. Such a company can guarantee you a quality, time-bound product worth your money. Get connected to the vibrant Zartek team and make your dream come true!!