If you are an internet-savvy person who keeps track of the latest trends and technologies or if you have been anywhere on the net recently, you might have surely heard the word ‘Clubhouse’. The Clubhouse is a brand new social media platform born in March 2020 where users interact with each other through their voice, and voice only! You can not use text messages, video clips, or emojis on this platform. The media has been gaining popularity ever since Tesla CEO Elon Musk appeared in a chat room ‘Good Time’ on the Clubhouse platform.

Even though we have a variety of social media platforms to use, we all long for a fresh experience, novelty, and originality. The newly launched Clubhouse is the best example of this fact. With a meager 600,000 users in December 2020, the clubhouse could grow to a whopping user base of 10 million in May 2021. Before analyzing the success mantra of the Clubhouse let us see a little more about the platform.

What is a Clubhouse?

To be exact, Clubhouse is an invitation-only, audio-chat social media app. It was officially launched in April 2020 and has been widely used during the corona pandemic times of lockdowns and restricted outbound activities. It is co-founded by Paul Davison, a Silicon Valley entrepreneur, and Rohan Seth, a former Google employee. Until recently the app was for users in iOS only. By May 9, 2021, the beta Android version of the App has made its debut in Playstore as well. Within two weeks, 1M plus downloads!

In the Clubhouse App, tweeting or texting is talking, and viewing or reading is listening. How cool is that? The Clubhouse is a live audio platform, enthralling you with a unique experience. Here participants can listen to and take part in various live discussions going on in the platform. The beauty of the medium is that nothing is being recorded. The content created does not leave the platform at all.

So, how do you set up the Clubhouse app?

You can install the Clubhouse app from the Apple Appstore or Google Play Store, and register a username. The application is invite-only and you need to get an invite from one of the existing app users. When you register your contact number, your profile gets saved. Then the friends in your contact list whoever is using the app get a notification that you are setting up the platform. If any of your friends decide to send an invitation, that lets you in!

Once you accept an invitation and enter the app, you can go into multiple chat rooms where live discussions on various diverse topics are going on. A user can hop into any of them and be an active listener. There will be one or more moderators in a chatroom who runs the show. There would be one or more speakers in a chatroom. All the listeners and the speakers would be on mute except for the one who is speaking. If you want to speak something, you can raise your hand, and then the moderator has to give you the rights to become a speaker. Listen to the good stuff and get inspired and connected.

Now let us delve a little more into the key features of the app which make it unique.

Unique Features

There are many qualities of this new platform that make it attractive. A few of them are listed below:-

  • Listen and Prosper - The Clubhouse epitomizes this concept. We make critical decisions in our day-to-day life depending on what we allow to our minds. Don't you think what we hear is a major contributor to our thoughts?

  • You don’t have to dress up - No one is going to see you. It helps one all, especially the leader. You can be in your comfy clothes and yet take part in live and engaging discussions.

  • Your voice is your instrument - No edited content on the platform. Since it is a live platform, you get access to unedited, unfiltered original content right from the heart of the speakers.

  • The power of multitasking - Since it's an audio chat, it will not hinder you from any other activities. Plug in your earphones, be an active listener, and take your doggie out for a walk. You can listen to the conversations while you are doing your chores.

  • Live interaction with big names and celebrities - The app is already famous with big names like Mark Zuckerberg, Oprah Winfrey, Kevin Hart, Roger Stone, Lindsay Lohan coming to share their thoughts on multiple topics.

  • Anyone can run the show - You need not be a celebrity to get followers. This app brings a level playground. In other social media platforms you should be a celebrity with a million fan-following to get noticed on the platform. But with the clubhouse, this is not the case. If you are speaking sense, there will be guaranteed listeners for you on the platform.

  • Exclusivity - The platform relies on the invite-only feature. Without a proper invitation from an existing user, no one can be a part of the user base. The developers wanted a natural growth to moderate things, it seems.

  • User Friendly - You need not be tech-savvy to get used to the platform. Consider it as a town hall meeting where there will be designated hosts and speakers and you listen to the ongoing discussions there. You too can speak at the host's discretion. It is that simple.

Users can create a profile on Clubhouse. The profile page shows the people you follow and those who are following you. The profile page also lists the virtual chat rooms where you are a participant. The app notifies you scheduled and live chat sessions too.

A few Concerns

The clubhouse is still an ‘invite-only’ app. This feature may soon be done away with as the platform looks to expand. The android version has just been getting its momentum which would open the doors for much bigger valuations. Hopefully, the clubhouse becomes global pretty soon.

The developers have promised to beef up the security because of the reports stating that the Chinese company Agora Inc might have unauthorized access to usernames and corresponding user profile data of the app. It is not yet proven whether this is a real fact or a false claim.

As Google Playstore has plenty of malicious software and fake versions of Clubhouse, the user must be cautious enough not to fall into the trap of malware.

Future Prospects

As one's network grows in the Clubhouse, the person would be able to draw larger crowds. The Internet is ground without any geographical barriers and through Clubhouse App you can reach a new audience, and as a result, expand your business. This platform is about your voice, it gives authenticity! This is one of the most powerful ways to make business connections, giving you a real Human engagement. This would give you almost like that of a coffee shop feeling where you just sit down face to face and chat.

The co-founder Paul Davison has already mentioned that the app is going to rely more on moderators. They want the platform to remain as a launchpad that can vouch for free dialogues and speech! The developers also have declared that they are in the process of monetizing the app where users can generate their own income. Several plans have been suggested where subscriptions, tips, ticketed events are some among them.

How relevant is a voice chat app in your business?

How would it be, if you can integrate a voice app with your existing business ecosystem? How amazing it would be if you could revamp your existing app with these voice chat features just like Clubhouse! You can get connected to your customers in real-time without any intermediaries. You can know the real pulse of your audience or customers easily. It saves time, effort, energy, and cost.

Think of creating customer support ticketing with voice chat. Your customers start trusting you since they know that a real person at the other end is ready to hear their concerns! The fast response will definitely result in high customer satisfaction. This eventually helps you in retaining existing customers and also winning new customers.

Closing Thoughts

With the increasing popularity of the Clubhouse, many existing platforms including Twitter and Facebook have already started cloning these features. One thing Clubhouse has proved is that you can really get connected to your followers with the power of your VOICE. This can be further evolved to integrate your business model to reap maximum benefits.

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