What is one of the most important parts of mobile app development as far as the end-user is concerned? It would undoubtedly be UI or User Interface design.

Great products are easy to use with a good appeal because of the effort put into the UI design. Companies are getting increasingly aware of the importance of an aesthetic and functional UI design and ensuring that they roll out apps that cater to each and every need of the end-user. Consequently, the ever-changing and continuously developing technological advancements and trends in the field of UI design has brought out creative and groundbreaking innovations.

Take for example Neumorphism which took the UI world by storm last year. Neumorphism is a UI design that strikes a balance between skeuomorphism and flat design, providing softness and enhanced colour aspects to the UI. Its freshness and minimalist design appealed to the masses and was one of the biggest trends of 2020 so to speak.

From Neumorphism evolved the trend of 2021 - Glassmorphism

What is Glassmorphism UI Design?

Glassmorphism is a card-based UI design that is minimalistic in visuals like Neumorphism yet differs from it in aspects relating to colour and background. In Glassmorphism UI design, there is a translucent, glass-like, multi-layered element to the design, which is its USP. In Glassmorphism, the UI design is presented in such a way that light or dark objects stand out from the colourful background in which it is placed.

Glassmorphism entered the mainstream array when Apple introduced it in their MAC OS Big Sur back in November 2020. Ever since then, it has been adopted by Microsoft and Windows as well and Glassmorphism has gone on to become the go-to UI design.

Key Features of Glassmorphism

A few defining features of Glassmorphism are as follows:

Glass-like Aesthetic


The main USP of Glassmorphism UI is its glass-like aesthetic. This is achieved by way of blurring the background, multilayered approach and a subtle border enhancing the object to the forefront. Glassmorphism uses a transparent glass effect along with vivid pastel colours and a light border to create a unique and minimalistic glass aesthetic.



Being a card-based UI design, Glassmorphism extensively uses transparent and translucent elements to create its look. Transparency is achieved by adding different depths to different layers as well as a subtle shadowy effect on the borders of the cards.

Multiple Layers


With Glassmorphism, you can have colourful and transparent layers placed on top of each other to have a depth effect. The use of blurred background also helps in achieving a multilayered appearance to Glassmorphism UI.

Colourful Background


The background in Glassmorphism UI uses vivid colours to make the glass effect more visible and enhanced. In Glassmorphism, the background is often given either a pastel colour palette or a bright one depending on the aesthetic intended to be achieved.

Geometric Elements


The use of geometric shapes and elements further enhances the minimal and cutting edge look and feel of Glassmorphism UI. Clean cut geometric shapes interspersed with frosted glass design makes Glassmorphism stand out from the rest, literally and figuratively.

Future of Glassmorphism

Long story short, Glassmorphism is here to stay. With the introduction of Glassmorphism with Apples’ MAC OS Big Sur, it has gone on to capture eyes and hearts to such an extent that Windows Vistas and Microsoft Fluent design system is known as Acrylic has used the Glassmorphism principle of design in their products as well. It has become the design trend to look out for and with major giants backing it, Glassmorphism is sure to reach the mainstay in the years to come.

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