The education sector has evolved significantly over the years. The introduction of new pedagogical methods and the induction of new streams have transformed the way knowledge is imparted. On the other hand, the digital revolution has opened up diverse career options, which necessitated the formulation of courses that cater to their purpose. The launch and popularization of e-Learning platforms have been another important change that occurred in the recent past.

In a way, COVID-19 has been the main factor behind the rapid growth of such platforms. With the onset of the pandemic, when people had to remain locked in their homes, the digital platforms offered a seamless connection between teachers and students.

Adopting the needs of today’s world, the e-learning platforms introduced mobile apps integrated with innovative concepts. Engaging eLearning apps, with intelligent user interfaces, offered a productive learning environment. It not only connected the students with tutors but also provided options to undertake self-assessment.

What is an E-learning Platform?

E-learning platforms are the virtual classrooms in the modern era. Devised to connect students and teachers, offer a space to interact and learn, and provide an atmosphere conducive to learning, eLearning platforms have become an unavoidable concept.

Geographical limitations have become a thing of the past, with the availability of state-of-the-art eLearning platforms. Students can choose teachers from any corner of the world and undergo classes. E-learning platforms are also called Learning Management Systems (LMS). It is being used for classes, coaching, and training by educational institutions, companies, and organizations.

Who Should Create An E-Learning Platform?

If an organization is involved in training or coaching any topic and is looking to scale its business, it can use e-learning platforms to do that. This could be an entrance exam institution looking to scale beyond a physical classroom into a global audience or a school or college looking to provide material to their students and let them take smart exams. Here is the list of organizations that can benefit from an e-learning platform:

  • Schools and colleges

  • Coaching institute

  • Individual trainers

  • Content creators

  • Edtech entreprenuers

Features of E-Learning Platforms

Unlike in physical classrooms, the student and teacher are in two physical spaces in the case of eLearning. Erasing the barrier caused by physical distance has been the major requirement for eLearning platforms. The normal pedagogical process, classes, exams and feedback, had to be incorporated into the digital medium.

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The research and development to overcome this lacuna led to praiseworthy results. Digital solutions providers could come up with customized testing methodologies, automatic checking of answers, and automation of assessment. This meticulously designed process has decreased the load on tutors phenomenally and boosted efficiency.

The results have been enhanced by automated scheduling of classes, guidance on revisions, and the possibility to undertake mock tests based on a student’s performance. Consequently, the biggest obstacle previously, loss of time, has been resolved. E-learning platforms offer several benefits. That helps to evade the limitations that were affecting the learning process previously.

Benefits of eLearning platforms

eLearning platforms have definitely been beneficial in several ways. More than the need for the time, it has been quite impressive owing to the out-of-the-box concepts and tools that improve the coaching/ learning process. Those who viewed these with apprehensions initially have also started accepting eLearning platforms understanding their efficacy.

No Need to Travel

The student or the teacher doesn’t have to travel to the coaching centre. Classes can be conducted and attended from the convenience of one's own home. This single factor helps in saving money, time and energy. The time saved on travel can be productively used for studying whatever is taught in the class.

Paper to Digital Revolution

Online coaching, testing, and evaluation processes save paper. The tutor can evaluate the answers online instantly, thus making it possible to provide feedback and guidance to the student.

Eliminate Geographical Restrictions

Students considering coaching under internationally acclaimed tutors can go for that without any ambiguity. He or she may be in another country, miles away. Nonetheless, connected through the digital sphere, the student can undergo the course or coaching without any impediments.

Observe the Students and Guide Him or Her Accordingly

Every activity of the student is recorded digitally. The teacher can examine each student’s performance, his or her involvement in activities, their performance on tests, and so on, at any time. Rendering advice accordingly.

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Availability of the Latest Educational Content

A book and a physical classroom will stick on to the concepts and theories already printed. It may have been acceptable years ago, but not anymore. The world is undergoing rapid change and introducing novel concepts. A lack of knowledge about the latest theories and thoughts would not be good for the student. He or she may fade while competing with others.

Standardized Assessment Process

eLearning platforms have techniques integrated for the assessment of students and teachers. This provision is intended for the management to monitor the performance of the teachers from different centres and how the students are performing under them. The standardized assessment process can be used to determine the yardstick for classes. Based on the assessment, the pedagogical method used by the teachers can be improved. Furthermore, the eLearning platform helps in establishing a standard teaching process.

eLearning platforms have become a part of daily life. Undeniably, the acceptance of eLearning platforms has increased massively in the past couple of years. They are here to remain and are predicted to grow tremendously in the coming years.