With the boom in businesses, economic development and infrastructural advancements growing day by day in Kochi, it is no wonder that the city is among the fastest growing and most promising cities in the country and in the world at large.This growth, backed by an ever evolving populace and rapid urbanisation, makes Kochi one of the most fertile grounds for startup companies to sow their seeds. In recent years, we have seen tremendous growth in the number of entrepreneurs and startups, big and small, starting their ventures in Kochi. Let us take a look at the top startups in Kochi.


Growcoms Private Limited was born from the idea of the need to consolidate the value chain in the agri-commodity industry, providing transparency and traceability to the customers. Founded in 2020, Growcoms comes with a collective people work experience of more than 15 years in the agri-commodity export industry. The need to provide flexibility to the buyer for choosing the correct partner in the value chain, is the main thought behind Growcoms.

  • About : Agri-Commodity Export Industry

  • Founders : Prem Nath Narendra Nath, Kurien George Kannanthanam, Bibin Mathews

  • Industry : Agri-Commodity

  • Total Funding Amount : $ 1 Million


Changing the world of surveys forever, SurveySparrow, started by Shihab Mohammed back in 2017, is a Kochi based one-of-a-kind omnichannel interactive survey platform. The concept of chat surveys, inspired by WhatsApp, was then first introduced by SurveySparrow. From being a feedback tool, SurveySparrow has now gone on to become an omnichannel experience platform, serving over 50k customers across 150 countries and growing. Their clientele includes FedEx, Deloitte Digital, Grant Thornton, Siemens, Xerox, SAP, Bausch + Lomb, EA, Amadeus, to name a few.

  • About : Conversational Experience Management Platform (Chat like surveys)

  • Founders : Shihab Muhammed, Subin Sebastian

  • Industry : SaaS, Information Technology, Market Research

  • Total Funding Amount : $ 1.4 Million

PNB Vesper

PNB Vesper Life Sciences Pvt. Ltd is one of the pioneering bio-pharmaceutical companies in India undertaking research and development of drugs for serious diseases and unmet medical conditions. Incorporated in 2011 in Kochi, PNB Vesper is currently one of the few companies in India focusing on research based NCEs. The founders and promoters of PNB Vesper, even before the company was incorporated, had been involved in preclinical research activities with academic and commercial organisations in the US, UK, Thailand and India for over 14 years. The company has been instrumental in developing drugs for unmet medical needs and have found great promise and success in treating a wide range of illnesses such as pain, cancer, inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) as well as neurological diseases such as anxiety, depression, metabolic diseases and others.

  • About : Bio-pharmaceutical organization

  • Founders : Navaneeth Vishnu, Kalathil Sadasivan Pillai, Padinjarethalakkal Nanu Ezhuthassan Bala

  • Industry : Medical,

  • Total Funding Amount : 5.00 C

VST Global

VentureSoft Global, or VST Global as it is more popularly known, is one of the leading partners to Global 1000 businesses in providing solutions that transform Data Science, Big Data, IoT, IT strategy and execution, Business Process Optimisation, Analytics and Knowledge Transfer. Conceptualised in 1999, VST Global originally served clients in the Bay area, CA, USA but has now grown on to serve clients, big and small, all over the world.

  • About : - Manufacture of electronic measuring, testing etc

  • Founders : Davies, Lewis

  • Industry : Electronics, Manufacture

  • Total Funding Amount : $ 1.4 Million


Founded in May 2017, Open is a fintech solution provider touted as Asia’s first neobank. Serving over 20 lakh businesses in India, Open is built to cater to the unique needs of small businesses when used alongside their existing bank accounts. Offering various services and features such as payment gateways, current accounts, payments, virtual account, UPI autopay, virtual card, payroll, cash management, invoice, etc. to name a few, Open has become the most trusted choice for small businesses. They have partnered with top rated financial and banking companies of the country like Axis Bank, Yes Bank, ICICI, Equitas, Kotak Mahindra, SBM Bank, VISA and NPCI and is backed by global VC fund giants like Google, Temasek, SBI Investment, Tiger Global and many more.

  • About : fintech company

  • Founders : Anish Achuthan, Bhaskar Majumdar, Deena Jacob, Mabel Annie Chacko, Ajeesh Achuthan

  • Industry : Fintech

  • Total Funding Amount : 3,500,000


Founded in 2013 by Jijo Olassa, Roney Soloman, and Vinoo Thomas, Ignitho is a digital engineering company that focuses on delivering data led and cloud enabled services with the intention of enabling digital agility for clients. They help develop cost effective solutions and technologically innovative products for businesses that can be scaled up when necessary. Ignitho, which is derived from ‘igniting thought’, has seen tremendous growth since inception and has managed to develop an unparalleled track record in serving Fortune 500 companies all over North America and Europe. They are headquartered in the USA and have offices in North America, Europe and Asia.

  • About : Digital Engineering company

  • Founders : Dinu Joseph Chacko, Manoharan Nair Indira Aravind, Joseph Jose Olassa

  • Industry : Digital Engineering

  • Total Funding Amount : 1,000,000

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Nav Alt

Born out of a vision to develop energy efficient solutions for the marine industry in reducing emissions and energy consumption, NavAlt is a pioneer in the field of solar powered electric boats in India. With the launch of Aditya, India’s first zero-emission ferry back in 2017, NavAlt has managed to capture the market with its innovative practices and cutting edge technologies. The main solutions offered by NavAlt are zero-emission and hybrid technology vessels for sea and inland waters, with the aim of creating clean and customised energy saving solutions.

  • About : Solar-Powered Electric Boats

  • Founders : Remitha Kuttiparambil Madhu, Sandith Arumughan Thandasherry

  • Industry : Solar

  • Total Funding Amount : 1,000,000


Entri is a unique app aimed at providing necessary information, skills and training for job seekers to crack job exams and apply for government and private jobs. Started in 2017, the app was initially designed to provide only Malayalam content but has since then expanded to include Tamil, Kannada, Telugu, and Hindi as well. With over 150 courses available in these five regional languages, Entri provides mock tests, learning resources, flash cards, doubt resolution, rank suggestions and so much more for aspiring job seekers. In addition to upskill courses like spoken English and accountancy, Entri also provides resources for competitive exams like PSC-LDC, KEAM, KCET, COMEDK, etc.

  • About : Vernacular language learning platform for teachers and students.

  • Founder : Mohammed Hisamuddin and Rahul Ramesh

  • Industry : E-learning, Education

  • Total Funding Amount : $4.3 Million


Edurupt is a sui generis online education portal that offers high quality digital hybrid courses under the Digital Hybrid Cohort Model (DHC). Developed by Edurupt in 2020, DHC aims to provide high quality, engaging and affordable education to all through its 3 pillars of Digital Content, Live Online Classes and Cohort of Classmates. Edurupt is built on the belief ‘Education for Humanity’. It is available on both Android and iOS platforms and enables powerful live classes, peer discussions and engaging animations for students.

  • About : Education portal.

  • Founder : Tijitha Sabu, Jaison Abey Sabu and Bibin Mathew Joseph

  • Industry : E-learning, Education

  • Total Funding Amount : 1,000,000


Steyp is an EdTech company that provides learning solutions for students and working professionals alike to enhance their skill set and knowledge base. Steyp essentially aims to bridge the gap between academic learning and industry expectations for graduates, by equipping them with skills necessary to tackle real world challenges. The platform targets school students, college students and graduates with targeted groups like Techies Club, Techies Hub and Tech Degree respectively. Steyp also offers skill training in different disciplines through their Prime Programs and various challenges as well to test your knowledge and skills.

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  • About : EdTech company

  • Founder : Sobir Najumudeen, Safeer Najumudeen and Salim Afifa

  • Industry : E-learning, Education

  • Total Funding Amount : 5,000,000


Medtra is an ISO certified startup in kochi founded with an ambition to develop affordable high technology medical equipment at par with global standards. Recognised by the Government of India, Department of Electronics, Medtra is also part of Nasscom Deep Technology Club under Cohort 3 & 4. Medtra develops innovative healthcare solutions and devices for hospitals, medical labs, defence and individuals, using futuristic technologies like VR and IR, with the aim of being able to provide treatments at affordable costs and improving patient satisfaction.

  • About : Develops healthcare solutions and devices for hospitals

  • Founder : Onattu House Sukumaran Rajesh Kumar, Saj Manzil Saj Sulaiman

  • Industry : Healthcare

  • Total Funding Amount : 1,000,000


Founded in 2014 by Kochi based entrepreneurs Anoop Balakrishnan and Nikhil Dharman, RecipeBook is a one-stop platform for finding food recipes across the planet. With an interactive UI that provides recipes, popular and long lost, RecipeBook offers recipes across cultures with detailed steps, cooking tips, ingredients and calories in a fun and engaging way. The main USP of the app is that it provides a feature to find recipes you can make with the ingredients you have at hand. All you have to do is take a picture of your available ingredients and RecipeBook will offer plenty of options for you to choose from. Available on both Android and iOS platforms, RecipeBook was selected for the 4th batch of Google Launchpad accelerator in May 2017.

  • About : RecipeBook is a one-stop platform for finding food recipes across the planet

  • Founder : Anoop Balakrishnan and Nikhil Dharman

  • Industry : Food

  • Total Funding Amount : $50K


EyeROV is the brainchild of IIT alumnus Johns T Mathai and Kannappa Palaniappan who wished to create a niche in the hitherto untapped underwater robotics sector of India. EyeROV has developed India’s first commercial Underwater Drone - EyeROV TUNA aimed at enabling end-users to better visualise underwater environment, collect quality data and assimilate, in order to generate insights to make well-informed decisions. Founded in 2016, EyeROV has managed to garner a reputation as the leading Technology Enabler in the area of underwater robotics for structural integrity inspection of critical infrastructures. They have gained immense acclaim and awards such as IIGP 2018, Most promising Aerospace and Defence Start-up of the year by IESA, KMA NASSCOM IT AWARD 2018 and also represented India at International Hardware Cup Finals 2017, Pittsburg, USA.

  • About : Robotics

  • Founder : Johns T Mathai , Kannappa Palaniappan

  • Industry : technology

  • Total Funding Amount : $70K


Started by Prabu Chanduru, Pawan Kumar and Thomson Skariah, Rapidor is a one of a kind company that aims to help businesses take control of their data and start putting it to work for them. Rapidor is a B2B trading platform that specialises in taking business data, turning it into information, which can then be used to create insights and finally take action based on such insights. Rapidor was a pioneer in recognising and tapping into the potential of business data and helping businesses gain better efficiencies with such data. Rapidor aims to develop a single window platform wherein businesses can get their needs met and critical issues sorted in an automated manner.

  • About : B2B trading platform

  • Founder : Prabu Chanduru, Pawan Kumar and Thomson Skariah

  • Industry : B2B trading platform

  • Total Funding Amount : Rs. 47,709,000

As businesses and startups continue to grow and thrive in Kochi’s evolving economy, the time is ripe for aspiring entrepreneurs to dip their toes into the pool as well. Kochi offers ample opportunities and potential for new businesses, where you can also aim to stand out among the top startups in Kochi.