Hiring a dedicated developer for a company can bring a lot of change in the flexibility and agility of the organization. A dedicated development team can bring in a lot more advantages than the company can pursue and result in the effective functioning of the company or business organization. The advantages range from:

Having a dedicated developer from an outside agency can bring in diverse opinions and skills related to software development. Companies that hire dedicated developers gain access to pre-existing IT infrastructure for software development. Through this, a company can reduce the burden of additional overheads. During the need for immediate developers, they can hire dedicated developers from external agencies and cut down once the requirement is over or done with. Through hiring dedicated developers, the business gets the benefit of exemplary technical expertise and needn’t additionally invest when they have to hire them directly onto the payroll of the company.

There are lots of external agencies that provide the most dedicated developers. In this blog, we tend to look into the best places to hire dedicated developers who promise exemplary and to-the-point trustworthy service. Let’s take a look at those agencies:

Zartek Technologies

Zartek is a leading software development company that has been incubated as a part of the Kerala Startup Mission. They have its headquarters in Kochi and branches in Canada and Qatar. They have proven their expertise in the development of consumer technology products. Zartek extends its services to budding startups and established businesses concerning the building of software products that cater to the exponential scalability of the business. Zartek provides its competence in Android, Flutter, iOS, Python, and React. Every project will be assisted by a project manager. It helps businesses to give importance to their core activities and find the most cost-effective method. Zartek has an extensive clientele that is spread over 20 countries. The prime reason to hire Zartek for your dedicated development needs is that they are exceptional in prioritizing their clients and giving products that meet their needs and expectations. All of the products are created keeping in mind how the target market will interact with the application. As the development of the application rests with a dedicated developer, every aspect of the end product is studied with an in-depth level of research. Even after the product is launched in the market, Zartek and its dedicated team of developers provide the client with inherent support and needed changes in the final product after analyzing how the crowd perceives the product.

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Silver Touch Technologies

Silver Touch Technologies has been at the forefront of software development since the year 1995. They are known to provide their clients with noteworthy and innovative IT solutions. Its business motto is to integrate its ideologies and incorporate them into the most suitable form for the development of the end products. Silver Touch Technologies has been able to witness drastic changes in technology and can imbibe future possibilities as well. Their team of experts has definite skills, and their ultimate goal is to provide user-friendly applications for the target customers of their clients. Silver Touch explores all possible avenues of technology to render unique and stand-out services for their clientele. They have catered to around 2000+ customers and have a pan-India presence. They also have subsidiaries in the USA and the UK.


Prismetric is an offshore IT company that caters to the effective needs of any organization that is in need of dedicated developers. They have proven their excellence in curating mobile apps, web apps, and custom software for businesses. Prismetric has a structured approach through its 80+ software professionals and developers who have years of experience in building customized and innovative IT solutions for a clientele that stretches out throughout the world. The developers of Prismetric provide a consultative approach, strict adherence to Non-Disclosure Agreements, and domain expertise. Prismetric offers budget-friendly services, which thus cater to all kinds of businesses. Hiring prismetric offshore developers provides the client flexibility in hiring models, the services of tech veterans, good communication rapport, and strict following of NDA clauses. Prismetric provides an entire package of services to customers which helps solve their concerns and queries related to software development at this stop point.


Rushkar provides the most viable solutions concerning web and mobile applications. Their dedicated developers stand with the client through all the stages of software development. Rushkar offers the services of net developers, front-end developers, etc. on an hourly, part-time, and even contractual basis. The developers of Rushak are well-trained and have the ease of adapting to the system or procedure they are working on. This easy blend helps in better communication and understanding of the precise needs of their clients. The advantages of hiring Rushkar’s dedicated developers range from the flexibility of time and cost to the adaptation of the advanced technologies of the era. Their flexibility of services is the most devoted point of their business.


Cmarix helps its clients to set up an efficient and dedicated team of developers. Their expert team consists of experienced developers, specialists, and IT programmers who bring in the most exquisite and genuine software development ideas for the clients. Cmarix helps their clients to save time on the never-ending search for appropriately dedicated developers, and the client can hire them hourly or part-time depending on their requirements. The flexibility of hiring models makes it easier for the client to assign their work and render the final output in the fastest delivery time possible. Cmarix developers are also impeccable in adapting to the evolving needs of their clients.

Hidden Brains

Hidden brains delve into their client's needs and are another name for passionate and dedicated software development professionals. Through hiring software developers from Hidden Brains, the clients get to experience core business activity, which helps overcome skill shortages, focus on the core business needs, meet sudden spikes in demand, and provide their best at minimized costs. Hidden Brains does a detailed analysis of your business area and your specific requirements and assigns a developer accordingly. There are three business models suggested by Hidden Brains: Hidden Brains Managed Team, Client Managed Team, and a Hybrid Model.

Bacancy Technology

Bacancy Technology encourages businesses to take advantage of its exceptional services and hires extraordinarily dedicated developers for the software development needs of the organization. Bacancy technology is a large organization with over 950 developers who are experts in accommodating all kinds of businesses, irrespective of their size or need. Bacancy Technology is so confident of its services that they provide a 15-day risk-free trial for its clients without any need for payment. The benefits of hiring Bacancy Technology are cost-effectiveness, the confidentiality of ideas, daily reports on team performance, an easily accessible team of professionals, etc.

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eSparkBiz assists businesses to bring in commendable digital transformations. They have a dedicated team of professionals of around 200+ and have a clutch score of 4.9. The average experience possessed by each of their developers is 4 years of creditable experience. eSparkBiz assures the clients of the most futuristic and exponential IT solutions for their business needs. The professionals at eSparkBiz are known for their UX and UI design, which is completely curated based on the usability of the targeted customers.