We have had many clients telling us how their mobile app or website User Interface (UI) needs to be crisp, stunning, and creative. They show us samples of other products which have some outstanding UI work and are even ready to pay up to 20–30% of the project cost on designing such unique designs. But honestly, the customer does not care about your product’s user interface design.

They care about user experience (UX) and value proposition. That’s it.

User Experience (UX)


This is a classic example on the internet of the difference between UI and UX. UI designers focus on the visual appeal of the product. They use the right colors, shape, and branding to appeal to the eyes. User Experience focuses on the interaction of the product with the user. It focuses on where the buttons need to be placed, the size of the buttons and product, and try to make the product more intuitive for the users. Focusing on UX will allow entrepreneurs to cut costs on costly UI design work at an initial stage. It will force them to study the target audience, see the user journey, define the information layout, and make it delightful for users to interact with.

User Journey

User journey is about how easy it is for the user to perform the core feature of the product. This could be ordering a cab in Uber, booking a ticket for an event, or ordering food online.


Swiggy has cracked this brilliantly by allowing the users to order food in 3 steps. If you have a clearly defined core feature for your product, make sure the user can perform that function with the least effort and time.

Information layout

The information layout is the arrangement and density of buttons, fields, and images on the product screen. Many entrepreneurs approach us with building a product with multiple features and uses. The more information you feature on a screen at once, the less effective any one of those features will be.


This shows how the Apple App store has shifted from multiple featured listing to a single feature listing. This makes it easier for the user to focus on that one listing and dive deeper into it.

Amazon is another example of a product having a not-so-great UI design but its relentless focus on Customer Experience has made them one of the largest companies in the world.

Building a great product takes time, money, customers, market, partners, and a lot of luck. But most of us dream of ideas and solutions to make our life and the world better. And some of us put our money into it and execute it. And a few, execute it really well.

Our team at Zartek Technologies sit with entrepreneurs to understand the core feature first, then understand their target customer and how they are going to market the product to the target customers. If you are looking to build a website or an app, you can reach out to us at info@zartek.in