Finding ample storage and infrastructure facilities are cumbersome processes for any business. The fast dwindling storage resources have prompted businesses to take their data and infrastructure online, which has paved the way for the conceptualization and development of serverless architecture systems.

What is serverless architecture?

Serverless architecture is essentially a way for companies to develop and run applications without having to invest much on the infrastructural aspects of it. In serverless architecture, the time required to execute tasks and build applications is much less in comparison to the infrastructure as a service (Iaas) model. Serverless architecture enables managers to bill only the amount of time a serverless function runs and not by the second or the hour.

One of the biggest advantages of serverless architecture is that it simplifies the work of developers by giving them the opportunity to only focus on coding and relieving them from the duty of managing the servers. In addition to it, here is a list of the various major advantages of serverless architecture:

Event Based

Serverless architecture is event based in the sense that each individual event functions separately on its own from the rest of the events. In contrast, the functions in a stream based system would be interconnected in functioning, whereby a malfunction in one event would cause a chain reaction of failures across the entire system. In an event based system like serverless architecture, a malfunctioning event if any would be contained to the singular function affected thereby reducing losses and failures to a great extent.

Increased Efficiency and Productivity

With serverless architecture, developers and coders can focus more on their core competencies and leave the headache of managing infrastructure to others, thereby reducing the time and effort spent for ancillary works. This directly results in improved performance and increased efficiency and productivity within the organization.

Savings in Time

One of the biggest advantages of serverless architecture is that it executes its functions in high speed and efficiency when compared to other systems. No infrastructure construction to slow you down, serverless architecture ensures savings in time and efforts in executing the work with ease. Faster deployment also means there is greater flexibility and improved scalability as well.

Savings in Cost

The huge investments involved in finding storage solutions would be eliminated in a serverless architecture system, which in turn would reduce the costs to a large extent. Being a value based system, you don’t have to invest heavily in infrastructural requirements. In such a scenario, it is safe to say that savings in cost is one of the biggest advantages of serverless architecture.

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Better Control

Under serverless architecture, the applications are broken down into smaller pieces through a process known as decomposing. By doing so, you can gain better observability and control in a serverless architecture system in comparison to other similar systems. Subsequently, with greater observability, finding and rectifying issues if any can also be done more efficiently.

In contrast to the major advantages of serverless architecture as seen above, it is also bogged down by a few challenges as well, which can be easily worked out with better planning and execution. Serverless architecture is prone to cold starts, long running application inefficiency and is dependent on third party applications as well, just like any other system. However, the pros of serverless architecture far outweigh the cons and therefore, switching to serverless architecture would be one of the best business decisions for you to take.

If you are thinking about switching to serverless architecture, you need the assistance of an experienced and qualified team. Serverless architecture involves transferring the responsibility of hosting and executing applications across a secure cloud based server, which in order to be successful, need to be handled by an expert team.

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