The share market has always been a risky arena. Investors had to be cautious to avoid burning their hands. Nonetheless, the arrival of innovative mobile apps empowered with state-of-the-art algorithms and artificial intelligence has simplified the investment process significantly. The analytics offered by the apps provided a detailed insight into the performance probability of shares.

Even inexperienced investors can benefit from stockbroking apps. Add to that the reduction in brokerage introduced by the new-age broking firms. Presently, you can start a Demat account in a matter of minutes and enter the share market effortlessly.

Top Investment Apps in India

Futuristic investment apps have been pivotal in attracting more investors to the share market. The ease of starting the account, proper guidance for choosing the shares, and a fruitful investment scenario have been the factors that have been attributed to this.

Kite from Zerodha

Zerodha has been one of the next-gen share broking firms that introduced multifaceted enhancements. Consequently, it attracted widespread fame and attention, gaining more clients across the country. A seamless interface, a productive user experience, and an uncluttered design pattern have been the aspects that have led to their growth. Zerodha serves in multiple countries and has been a successful firm owing to its client-centric services.   

Features of the Zerodha Kite app are:

  • Available in up to 10 regional languages in India

  • Simple, productive, and easy-to-browse interface

  • Works well even at low bandwidth

  • User can customize it to display multiple markets

  • Biometric login

  • Multi-exit option

  • Inbuilt console reports available

  • Integrated with the latest technology to offer the best support to clients


Groww app is a methodically designed online platform for investing in mutual funds. The app has an engaging interface that can be navigated easily to purchase mutual funds from different entities. The good thing is that there is no brokerage charged by Groww for the same. The transactions are so straight that mutual funds can be bought and sold with a single click. With all the statistics regarding the scheme visible, you can choose the right one without any ambiguities. That is the foremost advantage of using the Groww app. Furthermore, the switching of investments can also be undertaken with a single click.

Features of the Groww app are:

  • · Real-time info on share prices, including their movements

  • Encrypted with safe 128-bit SSL

  • Analytics and charting tools available

  • Calculate brokerage easily

  • Tracking of the invested instruments constantly

  • Data related to companies can be obtained in a single click

  • No charges for opening the account


IndMoney is an advanced investment and shares management platform. It also offers provisions for investing in US stocks. Making the platform ideal for those looking to gain the best from the foreign market. With IndMoney, you can invest in Indian and US share markets, US and Indian IPOs, Mutual Funds, Provident Funds, Bonds, FDs, NPS Tier I, Real Estate, Life Insurance, Health Insurance, etc. 

Features of the IndMoney app include:

  • Invest in Indian and the US stock market easily

  • A clutter-free user interface

  • Monitor the trends 

  • Analytics report that is beneficial to decision-making


5Paisa is a multilateral share-trading app. It can be used for commodity trading, currencies, equities, and mutual fund investments. They charge a flat ₹20 for each deal. The brokerage is not dependent on the financial value of the exchange, which is beneficial for the client. Investors can also opt to choose from prepaid plans viz. Optimum Plan, Platinum Plan, and Titanium Plan.

Features of the 5Paisa app are:

  • No brokerage fee for setting up a mutual fund account

  • Trading is available in regional languages as well

  • Depository Participant (DP) charges lower than many other firms

  • Advise prompts available

  • Auto investor tools can be used for easy and intelligent investment

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Geojit Smartfolio

Geojit, a trusted share broking firm for more than three decades launched a state-of-the-art portfolio app named Geojit Smartfolio. The expert guidance offered by the platform would be useful for both experienced and new investors. Besides that, the data-driven approach makes the investment unfussy and hassle-free. 

The features offered by Geojit Smartfolio include:

  • Assistance from financial experts for intelligent decision making

  • Well-researched and diversified portfolios can be created with professional support

  • Optimal returns

  • 11 Smartfolios for the clients to choose from


Smallcase is a theme-based investment management platform. Investors can pick an idea or a specific sector for investing. The readymade portfolios empowered with smart investment strategies will make the share market investments more fruitful than ever. The leading investment broking firms like Zerodha, HDFC Securities, Kotak Securities, Edelweiss, Axis Direct, and Angel Broking have partnered with Smallcase. This fact itself underscores the potential of the platform.  

Features of Smallcase investment platform include:

  • Offers brilliant investment strategies

  • Integrated with advanced algorithms to provide the best support to the investors

  • Obtain guidance from expert brokers and research analysts


Custom-designed share trading platform is what Upstox offers. All the broking services are rated cheaper than most of their competitors. The flexible and versatile mobile app for investment has been a hit with investors in India. Similar to 5Paisa, Upstox also charges a flat rate of ₹20 for each trade. There is no brokerage charged for equity delivery. Marginal facility for options and futures is another feature advantageous for the clients.

Features of the Upstox app include:

  • ·A seamless and uncluttered interface offers easy browsing

  • Customers can customize watchlists according to their needs

  • TFC option in the app allows trading directly from charts

  • Price alerts that can help in quick decision-making and trading

  • Clients can customize the app depending on their trading objectives

Angel App

Angel broking has been a highly successful broking firm in the country offering services in shares, bonds, equities, derivatives, currencies, and mutual funds.  Stockbroking advice and counseling services from the firm have been helping investors reach well-informed and wise decisions. Other services offered by Angel include financial management and stock and commodities broking. The exclusive service of loans against shares is a useful option for investors seeking funds on short notice.

Features of the Angel broking app are:

  • Customizable notification alerts depending on the investment goals

  • Instant fund transfer

  • Live monitoring of the share market

  • Easy-to-browse interface

  • ARQ tool can be explored for elevating the portfolio performance

  • Transaction data, including DP and share market dealings available in a single click

Edelweiss Online Trading App

Edelweiss is one of the more experienced share broking firms, dealing in the stock market for more than two and a half decades. The feature-rich Edelweiss online trading app will act as a support for investors. Integrated with elements to track and monitor the stock exchange and performance of the selected shares, it would help you decide upon buying, holding, and selling shares.

Features of Edelweiss online trading app are:

  • Real-time news on the stock market

  • Info on events that may influence market performance

  • Tracking tools for ascertaining the volatility of the share market

  • Charts displaying trends that can be used to make decisions

  • Expert commentary and predictions

ShareKhan App

Sharekhan has been a successful share broking firm, guiding buyers, advising on probable corrections, and enabling investors to pick the right deals. The mobile app launched by this experienced firm also features tools and analytics for guiding investors. The 2-million strong, and growing, clientele can explore the features in the app to prevent incorrect decisions.

Features of Sharekhan app include:

  • ·Innovative charts that would be helpful in doing thorough market research and making an informed decision

  • Well-researched reports for providing insight regarding the market scenario

  • Assigned relationship managers to monitor the investment portfolio and share advice as and when required

  • Extensive range of products and services available to the clients

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