Do you dream of your startup functioning with clockwork precision? Do you think you can handle all the activities including planning, scheduling, management and implementation single-handedly? Handling multiple tasks simultaneously may not appear cumbersome in the beginning. The elevated level of confidence, passion, and motivation would keep you on track for the time being. Nonetheless, the situation may start becoming awry in a short time.

You may feel overloaded and stressed. Things may go out of hand. Timelines may start slipping, leading to undesired reactions from the clients. You may turn perplexed about what went wrong. Soon you might realize that lack of a product manager has led to this unwarranted situation. Taking the entire load on your head has caused ambiguities, delays and complications.

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Yes, you must hire a product manager for your startup. We would be elaborating on the reasons for hiring a product manager for your dream company.

Reasons Why Your Startup Needs a Product Manager

A startup is a firm that just got launched, trying to stand on its own legs. It would encounter teething troubles, difficulties to find a place in the market, lack of adequate funding and similar issues in the initial days. An experienced person to manage the product development and to execute your vision is required. So that, you can solely focus on the objectives and prepare the strategies accordingly.

The reasons for hiring a product manager for your startup are:

  • The primary role of the Product manager is to streamline development and to ensure that all development milestones are hit at the right time. He/she acts as the bridge between the founders and the development team and act as a mini CEO.

  • The Product manager would be involved from the development right from the initial idea stage to wireframing to beta and product launch. The selected product manager should understand the market scenario, product saleability, and prospective customers.

  • The Product Manager also plays an important party by constantly monitoring the application usage. They work with the sales and marketing department to ensure right growth is achieved for the product.

  • An experienced and knowledgeable product manager will be foresighted enough to define the way ahead. They play a vital role to formulate a clear roadmap concerning the product. The product manager would take all the factors that can influence the performance of the product into consideration.

  • A product manager would keep the communication channel open among teams. This would avoid ambiguities that might impede the performance of the startup. The status and other related aspects of the product would be clear to all. Reducing any type of miscommunication or mismanagement.

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  • Precluding unwanted expenses and pursuing cost-effective methods, a product manager would help you save money. Hiring a product manager may appear expensive to you. However, a skilled and capable product manager would observe lacunae, understand the issues, and guide the team accordingly. In turn, enhances productivity and improves profit.

What Are the Duties of a Startup Product Manager?

A startup product manager’s role is similar to that of an established company. Nonetheless, the responsibilities may be a bit more than a fully functional firm. A startup would be a new company trying to start on its legs, yearning for more clients and aiming to reach out to new markets. The responsibilities and duties of a product manager in a startup also would differ accordingly.

  • The startup product manager would prepare, plan and implement tactics and marketing methodologies in consultation with the founder(s).

  • Ensure that all the teams are working in tandem towards the same objective. Constant guidance from the product manager is necessary for keeping things aligned.

  • He or she should prepare the roadmap for the product after a thorough analysis of the market, client perception etc.

  • Planning of activities to achieve the business goals set by the company.

  • He or she should arrange the resources to accomplish the target in the stipulated timeframe.

  • The product manager would be the point of contact for anything related to the product, especially the strategy, and roadmap.

A startup should get a product manager on board for excelling in its performance. With so many things happening simultaneously, a qualified and experienced product manager is compulsory for keeping things organized. Besides, maintaining a warm connection with the customers. Make sure that the product manager you hire has the qualification and experience to support your startup.