E-learning is the new learning. As classrooms expand beyond its four walls across geographical boundaries, e-learning empowers students across the world to get uninterrupted access to education. Riding this wave of e-learning, app development companies are helping educational institutions help build their own e-learning platforms for their students.

In the time of Covid-19 pandemic and lockdowns imposed in different parts of the world, e-learning or remote learning has slowly become the norm. In such a scenario, building your own e-learning platform has been an irrefutable prerequisite for imparting education.

Take the help of leading e-learning app developers like Zartek, and build your own e-learning platform. Here are a few features you need to have on your e-learning platform:

Features of e-learning platforms

Video Based Content

It is a proven fact that people consume video based content better than a written one. The ease of use and understanding that video based learning offers far outweighs that of notes or textbook learning. Taking that cue, a good e-learning platform should have plenty of video based content i.e., video recording of classes, PPT presentations, etc.

Live Classes - One to one and one to many live classes, Q&A

In addition to recorded classes, an e-learning platform should also have the feature to stream live sessions, in either one to one or one to many modes. Having a live class session would also help students to clarify doubts on the go and teachers can host live Q&A sessions right after a lesson.

Modes of Testing

Testing the knowledge of students is the sureshot way in ensuring the concepts are grasped well. E-learning platforms enable teachers to conduct exams and tests with ease, online. An e-learning platform can also be equipped with mock tests and quizzes which can be useful learning resources for students.

Secure Payment Gateway

Mode of payment for e-learning platforms can be built either as a one-time payment or subscription model. Having a secure payment gateway and multiple modes of payment such as Debit/Credit Card, UPI, Net Banking, Wallets, etc. would also help educational institutions to monetize their content and gain revenue.

Discussion forum and community

A community tab or discussion forum would be a valuable addition if you are building your own e-learning platform whereby students can pose questions, have discussions with teachers as well as fellow classmates and build an interactive and supportive community.


The attraction of games and gadgets have prompted app developers to tap into the potential of gamification in e-learning apps and platforms. As the retention of information and knowledge is easier through games and interactive elements, you can imbibe that when you build your own e-learning platform.

Portal for teachers to manage content

An e-learning platform should have a portal where teachers can upload their theoretical content such as notes. Students can easily view and download the same from this common portal and need not waste valuable time writing it down.

Offline Accessibility

If you are about to build your own e-learning platform, make sure you provide access to the study materials and resources offline as well. This would be a great step for the students and reflect your app favourably in the market.

There is one other thing that you have to keep in mind when you build an e-learning platform. Rather than a generic platform that hosts a wide variety of courses, subjects, classes, etc. try to create a niche platform based on a particular subject or exam.

Advantages of e-learning

24*7 Accessibility

The biggest advantage of e-learning is that students can access the classes and other study resources anytime and anywhere. The study materials can be made available online and offline as well, which can help students download and use it as per their requirements.

Students Can Learn At Their Own Pace

Classroom learning has its merits but one big disadvantage is that the pace set by the teacher sets the tone for the class. This pace may not be suitable for every student. E-learning addresses this problem and provides a space for students to learn at their own pace.

Savings in Time, Effort & Costs

When compared to classroom learning, e-learning platforms contribute a lot more towards savings in time, effort and costs involved. The only costs involved are the initial setting up costs for an electronic device and a network connection.


E-learning increases a students ability to grasp and comprehend concepts quicker and faster. They help in equipping the students better for life. Teaching newer concepts, implementing better training strategies and conceptualising new ideas can also be done easily through e-learning platforms.

Now that you have understood the features and benefits of building an e-learning platform, it is time to take the next step and build your own one for imparting education to your students.

How to build an e-learning platform?

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