Hyderabad, the city of Nizams, is the capital of the South Indian state of Telangana. Also known as the city of pearls, Hyderabad is one of the major centers for the technology sector. The hi-tech city’s name even figures in the list of ‘Top 100 Emerging Start-up Ecosystems’ around the globe. As per the most recent Global Start-up Ecosystem Report (GSER), Telangana’s name figures in the ‘Top 20 Asian Ecosystems’ in terms of funding. Having said that, let us take a look at the top 10 start-ups in Hyderabad:

1: Flatpebble 

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About: Wedding photography services

Founders: Pranav Mehta, Venkatesan Seshadri

Founded in: 2012

Industry: Photography, Wedding

Funding: $1 million 

2: Health Sutra 

Health Sutra, a food start-up, promotes healthy eating and encourages people to lead healthier lifestyles. The company offers products that are made using nutritious indigenous grains. The Hyderabad-based start-up company offers easy-to-make foods made out of millets like Jowar that are gluten-free and contain neither preservatives nor artificial ingredients at affordable prices. They are the most convenient way to enjoy the nutrition of healthy and traditional grains like Jowar, Ragi, Bajra, etc. 

About: Healthy eating and a healthier lifestyle

Founder: Sai Krishna Popuri

Founded in: 2013

Industry: Food and Beverage, Food Processing, Health Care, Lifestyle

Funding: $1.2 million 

3: PopiCorn 

PopiCorn, a subsidiary of Timla Foods founded by Prashanth Gowriraju, offers ready-to-eat popcorn products in 6 different flavors. To cater to the huge increase in demand, the company has upgraded its production facility into a full-fledged factory. This has contributed to the brand’s exponential growth. As one of the best start-up companies in Hyderabad, PopiCorn aims to contribute to India’s proud legacy and popularize this delicious, low-calorie snack. 

About: Ready-to-eat popcorn in 6 different flavors

Founders: Arun Sahlam, Prashanth Gowriraju

Founded in: 2016

Industry: Food and Beverage, Food Processing, Snack Food

Funding: $3.4 million 

4: Drawinbox 

Darwinbox, one of the top enterprise software start-ups, is a provider of cloud-based HRMS solutions. The company’s new-age enterprise-focused software solution handles all aspects related to the entire lifecycle of an employee from hiring to retirement with a smarter, powered by Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. The company’s HRMS platform was recognized by Gartner in APAC as one of the most preferred solutions. More than 350 global enterprises and unicorns like Arvind, Dr. Reddys, Mahindra, Paytm, Swiggy, Kotak, and Myntra use the company’s HRMS platform. 

About: Enterprise HR software

Founders: Chaitanya Peddi, Rohit Chennamaneni, Jayant Paleti

Founded in: 2015

Industry: Software, AI, ML, IT, HR, Enterprise Software, SaaS

Funding: $34.5 million 

5: Zippr 

Zippr is a location-intelligence company that focuses on leveraging the power of technology to solve the problems faced by businesses, consumers, and government departments in India. As one of the top startup businesses, Zippr provides personalized addresses to people. You can get a Zippr code and avoid entering long addresses when ordering something online. If you provide your Zippr code, delivery men, cab drivers, etc., can track your house easily. Currently, the company’s service is limited to Hyderabad. 

About: Location intelligence service

Founders: Niranjan Seelam, Parikshith Reddy

Founded in: 2013

Industry: AI, Information Services, IT, Software

Funding: $8.6 million 

6: Paynear Solutions (Payswiff) 

Paynear Solutions, one of the best start-ups in Hyderabad provides omnichannel electronic payments solutions to enterprises, SMBs, Mobile Service Operators, and Banks across 12 countries, spanning the Middle East, Asia, Africa, and Europe. Furthermore, the company is a licensed GST Suvidha Provider (tax filing services) for businesses in India. 

About: Omni-channel transaction solution

Founders: Krishna Kishore, Anil Bharadwaj, Maulik Shah, Ravi Kiran, Priti Shah

Founded in: 2013

Industry: eCommerce, Financial Services, FinTech, Mobile, Mobile Payments, Point of Sale

Funding: $10.7 million 

7: LearnSocial 

LearnSocial, one of the top education start-ups in Hyderabad, is an education platform that allows students to interact with experts and choose a course of their choice after taking demo classes. The platform allows students to choose their preferred language (English, Spanish, French, or German) for communication. The platform also allows you to take live classes. 

About: Social Learning Platform

Founders: Pramod Nair, Satya Krishna Ganni, Raju Vanapala

Founded in: 2014

Industry: Education, Online Portals, Social Network

Funding: NA 

8: Grabon 

The deals and coupons space is already crowded. However, Grabon has entered the industry to provide the right deals and coupons to consumers so that they can maximize their savings on online spending. As a pioneer in providing genuine digital coupons and social and mobile-facilitated online vouchers, GrabOn takes the best deals offered by online merchants and customizes them to suit the needs of consumers, which means an affordable price. 

About: Online coupons, offers, coupon codes, promo codes, etc.

Founders: Ashok Reddy

Founded in: 2013

Industry: Coupons, eCommerce, Shopping

Funding: $250,000 

9: Skinkraft 

Skinkraft, one of the top start-ups to watch, specializes in providing customized skincare regimens. Backed by 10,000 hours of scientific research, the company’s products help to enhance users’ skin health. The tool SkinID assesses a person’s skin based on eating habits, lifestyle, exposure to pollution, sensitivity, and many other factors that impact the health of his/her skin and then provide a customized skin care regimen. 

About: Customized skincare regimen

Founders: Chaitanya Nallan, Veerendra Shivhare, Sangram Simha

Founded in: 2016

Industry: Beauty

Funding: NA 

10: Neeman's 

Neeman’s, one of the top eCommerce start-ups in Hyderabad, focuses on redefining India’s shoe industry. The company uses natural materials and creates shoes that are extremely comfortable and can be worn throughout the day. The key features of Neeman's shoes are comfort, lightweight, flexibility, and making use of natural and renewable materials. 

About: Shoe Industry

Founders: Amar Preet Singh, Taran Chhabra

Founded in: 2018

Industry: eCommerce, Fashion, Retail, Web Design

Funding: $3.7 million 

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