The purpose of Zartek is very clear and simple - Create Great Products. This is the core reason why we exist and how we contribute to the community. We work relentlessly every day to ensure that the products we build offer great value to our clients and their customers.

So how do we ensure that great products are built? What systems do we have to develop scalable products with great user experience?

1. People

People are the core of our organisation. We ensure that our developers, designers, project managers, analysts and testers are people who are ready to go the extra mile to ensure great product quality. We have created a strong hiring mechanism that brings in top talent who are passionate about technology and building new products.

2. Process

We have created an in-house Project Management Stanadrd Operating Procedure (SOP) which acts as a guide for PMs and a template for developers. The SOP is created for each phase of development from scope preparation & wireframing to project deployment & store release. The status of the project at each step is given to our clients via Zartek PMS App to maintain transparency.

3. Technology

Building great products require adapting to the latest technology and tools. Our team works with the latest development frameworks including Flutter and implement CI/CD to ensure easier deployment and testing. The tools we use to ensure smoother communications includes Shortcut, Balsamiq, Sketch and Google Workspace.

Zartek is looking for people who are passionate about building products like us. If you are looking to work in a fast-paced environment and learn new things, join us here.