The gaming industry is predicting a quantum leap in the near future. It has always been on a growth track for the past couple of decades. The popularisation of the metaverse and the launch of more interactive games are going to augment the growth.

The Indian gaming industry, which is estimated to be $1.8 billion, is expected to reach more than double its present value in about five years. It would be a wise decision to invest in the gaming industry to reap the best benefits.

The increase in gamers would improve the visibility and acceptance of brilliantly designed games. All you need to do is hire a talented and technically advanced game studio to help you with game ideation, design, and development. Imagine the profit earned by popular games like Candy Crush, PUBG, Angry Birds, Dota 2, and FIFA. You can also become a winner if you move in the right direction with the support of innovative game developers.

We are listing the best game studios in India here. You can hire them to create games that will entice the players. you profit and business growth.


Zartek is a leading game studio in India with an extensive presence in the Middle East. The talented team at the studio can offer you games suitable for Android and iOS platforms, with animations and interfaces designed accordingly.  Having out-of-the-box concepts, the games developed by Zartek have been instantly engaging gamers across the country. Choose the firm if you are looking for dedicated game developers. They will offer you Android, iOS, Desktop, and Website games. Additionally, they offer custom-designed services such as deployment in Google Play and Apple Play, custom domains, app development, and website development.


99Games, founded in 2009, has been another highly opted game studio in India. They have a proven track record of developing more than 18 games, with millions of game downloads and multiple awards for their performance. Headquartered in Karnataka, they have distinctive teams for designing games for iOS, Android, etc.


CreatioSoft has been designing and developing games and apps for a decade. Founded by Rishabh Agarwal and Yogendra P Singh, the company has been performing wonderfully since its initial days. Engaging games that are designed as per the requirements of the clients make them an ideal game studio.


The specialty of most of the gaming studios in India is that many of them were established in the past decade. Starting its operations in 2010, FGFactory offers a plethora of products including mobile games, app development, and AI games. Reach out to them to discuss designing and developing games that stand out from the crowd.

Hyperlink InfoSystems

Hyperlink Infosystems has been a successful gaming studio in India, which has created a unique identity in the game development spectrum. The customized gaming designs and exclusive services make them one of the best game design studios in India. Besides having an office in the country, they have an extensive presence in Europe and the Middle East. Specialized services include CMS development, UI/UX design services, AI, and Blockchain tech.

Unanimous Studios

Unanimous has been another advanced game solution and service operating in India. They provide exclusively designed games suitable for iPhones, Android platforms, and desktops. Robust and highly interactive games are the speciality of Unanimous Studios. They serve with the utmost dedication and are one-stop solution providers for varying design and development needs.

Griptonite Games

Griptonite is a team of passionate professionals who came together to serve the clients with the best game concepts. Their understanding of even those subtle aspects related to the game world makes them one of the best game studios in India. Custom-designed gaming services offered by Griptonite Games have made them a sought-after game studio.

Tech Mahindra

Tech Mahindra is one of the leading IT service providers in India. Their game design division has a proven record of accomplishment, making them the right firm to select for developing games. Their services include cloud services, game development, cyber security services, SAP, and data analytics services. One of the top growing IT service providers in the country, Tech Mahindra is undoubtedly a reliable game studio in India.


Established in 2011, NGFT remains one of the most chosen game studios in India. Their design and development services are known to incorporate futuristic technologies like AR/VR, motion sensing, robotics, and AI. Hiring NGFT for game development will assure you top-notch design solutions.

Hashbyte Studio

Having an extensive experience in game development, Hashbyte created a buzz with advanced game designs and features. Their production quality, skills, and eye for perfection make the firm an ideal choice to opt for. Analyzing the trends and implementing the best solutions makes the game design a cut above the rest.

HCL Technologies

HCL Technologies has a diligently designed methodology for game design and development. By understanding the client’s requirements and inducing the latest trends, they make engaging games with the potential to outperform the competitors. They have an exclusive team of professionals with a passion-driven approach. That makes HCL a dependable firm for designing and developing games.

Nautilus Mobile

Simulation-based gaming is the speciality of Nautilus Mobile. They have been offering sports and cricket games designed based on the clients' perspectives. Rendering a realistic feel, the games developed by Nautilus engage the users effectively. That is how Nautilus Mobile became a highly successful game studio in India. They claim to have millions of game downloads since launch.


Infosys has been one of the most prominent IT players in the country and around the world. They have unquestionable supremacy in software development and other IT-related services. Infosys offers services including blockchain technology, IoT, cloud gaming solutions, and game designs. An entity with a wide presence in almost all the continents around the globe, Infosys Technologies provide trusted support and services.

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These are the best game studios in India. You can consult them to design progressive games for you. Most of the firms listed here offer custom-designed services and customized packages. Hence, you need not worry about the budget as well.