Planning to go on a trip but sceptical of your ride? Worried about the condition of your ride but cannot risk ditching the family vacation plans? Self-drive car rental services put all of your questions in place! Ditch the traditional taxis and opt for a self-car rental service to avoid all the hassle of taking a taxi or finding a good ride on foot. Self-drive car rental apps have revolutionized the way we travel, thanks to making it so easy to plan a trip, choose a ride, and hit the road! These rides are easy on the purse strings and allow you to have a premium travel experience! Here’s our pick on the top car rental apps in India that are admired by travelers and families alike.


Indus Motors has been a household name, and Indusgo is their latest venture, marking their entry into the car rental field! Founded in 2017 by Afdhel Abdul Wahab, Indusgo enables users to locate and book cars hassle-free. Fill in your basic details, like pickup and drop-off locations, and other details on the website, making payment processing and confirmations all the easier. Indusgo stands ahead of its competitors by providing its users with a wide range of selections, including a variety of automatic vehicles too. With a proactive support team, Indusgo has managed to be one of the best car rental apps in Kerala, Chennai and Hyderabad!

Want to book a ride for the weekend? Check out the Indusgo website now! 


This Bengaluru-based car rental platform, Zoomcar, has had a steady launch since its inception. Being the first of its kind in 2013, Zoomcar’s founders, David Back and Greg Moran, were able to capture the car rental market in India. By introducing India to the comfort of being in control and allowing privacy, Zoomcar’s car rental features gave the Indian audience a hassle-free self-drive car rental experience. Forget about mileage, fuel costs, insurance, and car breakdowns while travelling, as Zoomcar handles all your concerns with care!


The international car rental platform Avis, has quite a number of stations located all over India. While other car rental companies focus on pricing varying according to kilometers, Avis has per-day rentals that start at Rs 1250 per day. The process of registration is quite easy for any adult above the age of 18 with an Adhar card, a driving license, and a passport. Avis India also has quite a variety of vehicles, ranging from luxury rentals to budget rentals. Want to kick back and take a vacation? Avis also has the option of chauffeur-driven cars, allowing you to take that well-deserved break! Be it out-of-the-station travel or for a short one-day trip, Avis has knocked the ball out of the park!


MylesCars is spread over 21 cities and has pickup stations at more than 250 locations! Owned by Carzonrent and founded by Sakshi Vij in 2013, MylesCars' highlight has to be their unlimited fuel option. While most car rental companies allow 18-year-olds to rent cars, MylesCars has an age limit and only allows car rental services to people over the age of 21. MylesCars also has an additional product known as MylesSecure that can be added to your rental procedure at a minimal cost. MylesSecure secures your car from accidental damage and gives you a discount on your security deposit. All in all, this Delhi-based platform has gained quite a following since its launch in 2013!

Revv Cars

Founded in 2015 by Anupam Agarwal and Karan Jain, Revv Cars has quite the backing, with Hyundai funding them! Revv Cars has also partnered with Hyundai and Mahindra to allow their customers to rent a car for a maximum of four years! Going on a one-way trip? Revv Cars has a solution for that as well! Once you’re done, let them know the drop-off location. Spread over 22 cities, Revv Cars offers a lot of coupons, especially if you’re a first-time user, making self-drive car rentals easy on the pocket. Starting at Rs 339/day, plan your next trip with Revv Cars!