As IPL 2021 is near the corner, Dream 11 has been the talk of the town once again. Sports enthusiasts are familiar with the fantasy app ever since its launch. Watching a match and getting a chance to win money is not an opportunity someone would not want to miss.

But there are still uncleared doubts among people on sports betting and the legality of Dream 11. Dream 11 also involves the pooling of money from various persons, and the rewards depend on the outcome of the game. Still, Dream 11 is illegal, while other kinds of sports betting are illegal.

Let's have a detailed look at common sports betting and its legal side.

Sports betting and legality

Sports betting is a typical gambling game that involves placing a bet on a sports event's outcome. Offline sports betting was in the news, and even the Indian Cricket team was adversely affected by it in the 90s. Now it is online sports betting that is widely popular.

Surveys suggest that about 400 million people in India watch sports every year, which has become good news for people to make money through sports betting. Numerous websites and apps offer sports betting.

In India, sports betting is illegal, except for horse races. Sports betting for the rest of the games runs according to the laws of individual states. As India is a country with many cricket lovers, IPL is the major league where sports betting widely happens.

As per ethics, match-fixing is a significant threat to sports because online betting on sports has increased, and the risk of match-fixing for financial gain has also risen. The expanded global gambling industry is also a growing industry of organized crime. Every country has its legislation relating to sports betting, and therefore, it is a confusing and complex topic.

Most of the Indian states follow the Public Gambling Act of 1867 and the Technology Act of 2000. The Public Gambling Act (1867) explains all gambling in India as illegal. But there are no specific laws in the Indian system that prohibit online gambling. The betting companies make maximum use of this loophole to attract Indians to bet.

The legality of Dream 11

There will be only a very few people who are not so familiar with the Dream 11 app. So for those who do not know this app, Dream 11 is an app that allows you to create your fantasy team all the time when an actual match happens. You will have to compete with other players to earn real money. The app offers cash prizes every day on match days. The performance of the players of your fantasy team in the actual match fetches you points.

Dream 11 hosts fantasy games across different sports. You can choose your favorite sports and create your team to win prizes. When you win money, the app will transfer the amount to your bank account. You can use it for other matches, or you can withdraw it as you please.

There are confusions for many people regarding the legality of Dream 11. Some games like online rummy are on the banned list in some parts of the country. As the Dream 11 app involves money, contestants must be very clear about the app's legality.

The difference Dream 11 has from other sports betting is that it is a skill-based game. It involves a lot of research, analysis, and judgment on the performance of the players chosen by the participant. The game entirely depends on the player's training, experience, conditioning, and expertise. Every player is allowed to view/download details of all teams in a contest which gives transparency. The courts have used 'skill tests' to differentiate the two, which means that the game has to prove that it is prominently a game of skill and not of chance. The company itself features the tagline "Khelo dimag se" which means play with your talent.

Dream 11 app claims to be complying with all central and state legislation in India. The Indian High Court's judgment on Dream11 constitutes a 'game of mere skill,' which makes the Dream11 game exempt from the Public Gambling Act's provisions, 1867 (PGA). The court has also held that it is a legitimate business activity protected under Article 19(1)(g) of India's Constitution.

Mobile Gaming and Money Making

The mobile gaming industry has become a huge market that can fetch potential earnings. The success of apps like Angry Birds, Candy Crush, Clash of Clans, Flappy Bird, etc., are a big inspiration to millions to step into the mobile game development zone. A survey by Admob has found that 62% of the users install a gaming app within the first week of buying a new mobile device. But the problem is that only a very few gaming apps can overcome their development expenditure. Creating a successful gaming app that helps you earn money is not a leisurely walk in the park. A deep study of the target markets will be constructive for you. You also need to create enjoyable and engaging gameplay and monetize it to bring out a successful gaming app.

We have broken down this complicated task into more straightforward steps to help you get a crystal clear idea of mobile game app development.

  • Develop your idea - It isn't easy to create a new idea from scratch. So a better option is to improvise some existing ideas that will give a fresh feel.

  • Make use of storytelling - If you give your players a purpose to finish their game, they will find it interesting, and for that, you need a story.

  • It has to be simple yet addictive - For retaining your players in the game for a long time, a bit of addiction is necessary. Try to use some infallible factors that can make your game addictive. Also, do not miss to retain users with frequent updates and freebies on special days and occasions.

  • Find the leading platforms - Android and iOS are the leading platforms used currently. You can select a hybrid model for multiple platforms and avoid this dilemma, but that will add to the cost of making. Your target market should decide your platform.

  • Make a remarkable design - Your game design is the primary factor that differentiates your and your competitor's game. But make sure that you have minimal weight for your game elements. The performance of your game can be detrimental if there are complications in your game design.

  • Choose your monetization strategy - If you are looking for some revenue from your gaming app, you have to plan your game monetization strategy before the development phase. Mobile gaming app development is a time-consuming and expensive process. So there has to be a perfect plan to regain the investment. Some common ways that will help you monetize your apps are:

In-app purchases: The most common method for mobile game monetization is the freemium model. It is an excellent way to earn money from your players, and these purchases only account for approx.—2% in Android and a bit more in iOS.

Ads within the app: You can find several apps that combine ads with in-app purchases. As both these strategies will not bring good revenue alone, it is good to combine both. But ensure that the ad content is relatable, or else it can be counter-productive.

Premium versions: Give a free trial or demo of your app and charge an amount for the premium versions. If you ask for payment at once, the number of purchases will be meager.

  • Choose the technology - After finalizing your game idea, you will have to now move on to the development stage. You will have to decide the practical designing tools and the genre of your game. A choice you will have to make here will be among the following three development processes.

Native mobile game development: This process includes using languages native to a device platform for coding, like using Java for Android or Swift for iOS. Native development is an attractive choice if you concentrate on the performance of your app.

HTML5 mobile game development: This process uses standard web technologies like HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS. It works well for cross-platform development but faces some drawbacks like session management, fixing offline storage, and simple access to native device functionality such as camera, calendar, geolocation, etc. HTML5 can be ideal if you are going for mini-games.

Hybrid mobile game development: This process merges the pros of both native and HTML models. In this method, HTML 5 design is used inside a container cell to run the multiple platforms.

Mobile app development kits are also an excellent alternative to create cross-platform mobile games. They do not need too much coding and run smoothly on multiple platforms. It is also a cost-effective method that speeds up the development process.

  • Find skilled developers - Your developer has to be capable of transforming the idea in your head into a profitable and engaging mobile game app. Your developer's experience and talent can save you from most of the complications that may occur along the road to your destination.

Final thoughts

Creating a mobile game app is a dedicated and determined process. It would help if you had a step-by-step plan to be successful. Consider all these steps carefully and unlock the door to your highly profitable mobile gaming app. We are always at your service to help you create your highly profitable gaming app. Contact us to know more.