Though India is growing to become a powerful start-up destination, we still have a long way to go. There is a lot more that needs to happen in the smaller, Tier II, and Tier III cities of the country. Once famous for its daring entrepreneurs, the small city of Coimbatore in Tamil Nadu is, however, setting up its own start-up ecosystem with accelerators and mentors. In this article, we attempt to list some of the top startup companies in Coimbatore.

 1. Farmagain 

Committed to innovation and progress, the aim of this start-up is precision agriculture, which combines leading-edge technologies like IoT and AI to solve farming challenges while simultaneously making the farmer more productive in his efforts and becoming more profitable. It is the foremost among start-ups in Coimbatore that drive sustainability and are committed to farmers’ progress. 

  • About: Transforming agriculture using state-of-the-art technology

  • Founders: Benjamin Raja and Edna Benjamin (Founded in 2013)

  • Industry: Agriculture, Farming

  • Funding: $574,000 

2. Req Roots 

Started as an organization that is dedicated to high-quality HR services and employment, this start-up provides manpower solutions and related services to all sectors, including the IT sector. Providing its clients with unique blends of specialist recruitment and research, this start-up is committed to finding the best candidates for their client companies’ openings. 

  • About: Offering manpower solutions to both the IT and non-IT sectors

  • Founder: NA

  • Industry: HR Research, Recruitment

  • Funding: NA 

3. Juicy Chemistry 

Juicy Chemistry is an online brand that sells skin and hair care products. The products are natural, vegan, and handmade. The brand is famous for its variety of skin and hair care products that include shampoos, moisturizers, essential oils, body masks, soaps, and gels, among others. 

  • About: Providing skincare products formulated with pure and nutrient-rich ingredients

  • Founders: Pritesh and Megha Asher (Founded in 2014)

  • Industry: Beauty and Wellness

  • Funding: $7,560,000 

4. JustPlay 

JustPlay is among the notable IT start-ups in Coimbatore. It is a platform that is designed to provide engaging and on-demand content to customers. The platform provides content under various categories, including trending videos. 

  • Founders: Balakrishnan Jayaraman, Arumugam Loganathan, Karthick Loganathan, and Arvind Jayaraman. (Founded in 2017)

  • Industry: IT, Entertainment

  • Funding: $305,000 

5. BeWell Digital 

This company has developed software tools that help with the administrative management of healthcare institutions such as hospitals. The software is designed to help with workflow management as well as clinical tasks. It helps with the maintenance of records, documentation, compliance audit reports, digital prescription and billing, diagnostics, and more. 

  • About: Administrative software tool for hospitals

  • Founder: Vishnu Balu (Founded in 2020)

  • Industry: Healthcare, IT

  • Funding: $125,000 


This is a futuristic organization that has set its eyes on solving ed-tech problems by combining machine and human intelligence. Formerly known as Examly and headquartered in Coimbatore, this organization offers AI-driven tools that can be used for the assessment, learning and development, and recruitment needs of organizations. The product caters to students, universities, and corporates. 

  • About: AI-driven assessment tools for corporates/universities/students

  • Founders: Arumugham Sankaran and Senthil Kumar (Founded in 2016)

  • Industry: Ed-tech, IT, ML & AI

  • Funding: NA 

7. Taxehelp 

This is a web-based taxation solution that can be used by both businesses and individuals. This was one of the earlier start-ups in Coimbatore. The app can be used for e-filing options and bulk e-filing options, and form-16 upload features. The solutions are available for use across four different pricing options, ranging from INR 850 to INR 2500. 

  • About: Web-based tax-filing aid

  • Founder: (Founded in 2010)

  • Industry: Fintech

  • Funding: Unfunded 

8. PayPakka 

PayPakka’s solutions enable consumers to make payments for their services via agents. Consumers can make their utility payments, money transfers, DTH payments, etc. Service providers can also use online payment tools to collect payments from consumers. 

  • About: Agent-based payment solution

  • Founder: Ezhilraj Gunasekaran (Founded in 2019)

  • Industry: Fintech

  • Funding: Unfunded 

9.  Monc Technologies 

This start-up provides prosthetic aids and tools for disabled people so that they can carry out their daily activities without another person’s help. A dual operation mode artificial functional hand controlled by a single RE electrode and a durable carbon fiber SACH foot with a cushioned heel for shock absorption are two of its products. This is among the top start-ups in Coimbatore in the health tech segment. 

  • About: Upper and lower limb prosthetics, cosmetic restoration

  • Industry: Health Tech

  • Founders: Antony Edison, Gokul Karat, Mugilan Mani (Founded in 2016)

  • Funding: NA 

10. icliniq

This is a global medical second opinion platform that helps users to get medical advice from doctors. The panel of doctors is made up of different specialists, including medical practitioners, therapists, and physicians from across the world. The standards for doctors to join the medical panel are very high for the best outcomes. This product provides premier health care and ultimate convenience for users. 

  • About: Medical second opinion platform

  • Industry: Healthcare, Wellness

  • Founder: Dhruv Suyamprakasam (Founded in 2010)

  • Funding: Undisclosed 

Final thoughts 

This is not an exhaustive list of top start-ups in Coimbatore. With a life-changing idea, unwavering determination, and persistence, these start-ups have held on to remain in the fray and become market innovators in their niche.

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