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Zartek designs and develops video and audio streaming apps with an in-app payment gateway. If you are a content creator looking to monetize the content with your own platform, please reach out to us.

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Video Streaming Website and Mobile App Development

Build OTT Apps in Android, iOS, Website with Zartek With our experience in marketing mass consumer products, we help you to build your dream product at the lowest cost and quick market release.

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    Choose Required Platforms

    Based on the target audience and the market, we decide on the right platforms (Android/iOS/Web/TV) to launch the Over The Top (OTT) streaming platform.

  • 2
    Choose Video Streaming Server

    Choosing the correct video streaming server is important to optimize the cost of streaming and to deliver without latency to the customers.

  • 3
    Build In-App Payment Gateway

    Most OTT Platforms build subscription plans for users with monthly and yearly subscription models. Apple & Google have made it compulsory to use the in-app payment gateway for digital goods and services.

  • 4
    Release and Scale

    We will be monitoring how the product is being used by the customers and help you to scale the product to more customers with digital marketing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

There are many factors which contribute to the cost of developing a video streaming application. Some of the factors are: Number of platforms, Content protection level, Monetization method
There are several methods to monetize the content from your application. Some of the best methods are Subscription-based plan (similar to Prime & Netflix), One time purchase of content (similar to Youtube), Allowing space for ads in the content (similar to Hotstar)
The most popular platforms to launch OTT are, Website, Android Mobile App, iOS Mobile App, Android TV App, iPad app, Jio TV App, Roku TV, Apple TV App, PlayStation App, Xbox App, LG TV (Web OS), Samsung TV (Tizen OS), Amazon FireStick, Windows app, Mac OS app
The right payment gateway depends on the region in which the app is going to be launched. For Android & iOS, it is compulsory to use Google In-App payment gateway & Apple In-App payment gateway. For the website, options include Razorpay, Stripe, Paytm, Paypal. For Amazon we have to use Amazon pay. For roku we have to use roku pay. For jio we have to use jio pay.
For hosting the backend application we recommend using Amazon Web services. Amazon Web services being a cloud provider helps us to scale up and down according to our user demand and ensures the users face no lag while using the application.
Yes, Zartek will be providing you with an admin panel to manage content. This can be used to add posters, videos, descriptions, user management and other analytics.
Content piracy protection can only prevent privacy up to a certain extent there is always a risk of screen recording the content. We can make it difficult for the end user to freely download the content by use of encryption such as DRM. We can also implement dynamic watermarking to reduce screen recording of content.
Zartek will be providing an admin panel that lets you see analytics based on your KPIs. The analytics would include: Total active users, Average watch time of each user, Average watch time of each movie, Total revenue. In case the client wants advanced analytics we can integrate platforms such as mixpanel and clever tap.
Scalability can be achieved in many ways. The code architecture which we write will be in such a way that it would be scalable and without bottlenecks. The infrastructure which we used will have detection of load and the ability to auto-scale upon demand. We use scaling tools like Kubernetes and docker along with an elastic load balancer to manage the load. To achieve content distribution scalability we use cdn (content distribution networks). Before launching the OTT solution, we will perform load testing on the system which will help us confirm the scalability of the system.
The time to build an OTT application would depend on the number of platforms and total features in the application. It can vary from around 2 months to 4 months.
There are many paid options available in the market such as JW player, Theo player, bitmovin. There will be a recurring cost for the usage of players. Zartek has developed its own player using open source tools in Flutter. This player is provided free of cost to our clients.
Zartek Technologies Private Limited is a leading software development company in India with expertise in mass consumer technology products. Zartek is incubated in Kerala Startup Mission in Kochi, India.
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