OTT apps are those that deliver online videos to your devices over the Internet. OTT content can be viewed directly over the web without the help of satellite or cable TV. As an example, Netflix is watched by millions on Smart TVs (Roku, Samsung, and Android TVs) and mobile devices (iOS and Android). Simply said, Netflix has developed native apps (OTT apps) for each of these platforms. 

The different types of OTT apps that are being built are audio OTT apps, video OTT apps, and real-time chat apps, among others. The usage of OTT apps has seen exponential growth in recent times, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. Millions of people locked up inside their houses are spending more time watching videos on their mobile devices, PCs, and Smart TVs over the internet. Many have given up on cable and satellite TV services. 

Smart TVs 

Smart TVs are taking over the traditional TV market in most places around the world. A Smart TV is a traditional TV that has web and Internet functions integrated into its operations. This helps users to browse the net as well as stream media over such TVs. Smart TVs are perhaps the best way to watch on-demand streaming and OTT content. These devices also have capabilities using which you can browse your social media content on the TV. Some Smart TVs come with Twitter and Facebook as default options. Also, gesture control and voice assistance control functions are also available on some Smart TVs. Many individuals find Smart TVs more convenient than their phones. 

Smart TVs from different vendors (Sony, Samsung, LG, etc.) have different operating systems. Some of the popular OS platforms that these TVs use are:

  • iOS

  • Android

  • WebOS

  • Roku, etc. 

Android, however, is the leading platform with over 40% market share. Therefore, if you want to build an OTT TV app, building Android TV apps is the way to go.  This will help to increase your market value and also help you generate good revenues on the OTT TV platforms. 

Android TV

Announced as a Smart TV platform back in 2014, Android TV has come a long way. Originally, Android TVs were only made by some TV manufacturers who wanted to add the Android TV OS to their TV hardware sets. However, now Android TV boxes are available which can convert any TV (with an HDMI port) into an Android TV complete with all requisite features (such as HDMI CEC). Android TVs are easily accessible and affordable these days.  With an Android TV box or an Android TV, a popular Android TV apps list that you can use would include SlingTV, VLC, Hulu, Spotify, Netflix, etc., among others. 

Some standout features of Android TV OTT apps

These are the common features that every Android TV OTT app developer must incorporate while developing one. 

  • Categorized ‘search’ options to enable your users to find their preferred content quickly from among thousands of movies and TV shows.

  • The 'Add to favorites’ feature helps the audience to personalize their watching experience.

  • Using ‘watch history’, users and the audience can continue to watch from where they discontinued last.

  • The Watch Offline feature allows users to download shows while having a Wi-fi connection and watch them later without worrying about data consumption.

  • OTT TV apps offering multi-lingual content enable wider reach and drive your OTT platform across different regions and countries.

  • Your audience should be able to maintain a personalized profile with subscription details, preferred content, etc.

  • The OTT TV app should be integrated with social platforms, enabling users to share the content directly on their preferred social platforms. 

Other features can include in-app purchases, in-built video CMS, in-built HLS player to deliver HD quality content, multiple digital rights management systems for data protection and security, and audience analytics, among others. 

Zartek – Leaders in Android TV OTT App Development in India 

If you have been seriously considering Android TV app development, you are on the right page.  Zartek is the leading Over the Top (OTT) development company in India that can help you launch your OTT platform with the best features. Similar to Netflix or Amazon Prime, Zartek has expertise in designing and developing video/audio streaming apps with an in-app payment gateway for the Web, Android, and iOS. We, at Zartek, also provide complete technical and backend support to our clients. 

The Android TV OTT apps created by Zartek will enable live streaming straight to the user’s TV, highly customized apps according to the client’s requirements, instantaneous switching to different channels, and a hassle-free viewing experience. Our expert developer teams at Zartek can offer personalized and customized Android TV OTT app development services for businesses that are looking to create independent streaming channels/applications. We develop OTT apps for leading platforms and operating systems. 

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