Zartek Technologies, one of the top Apple TV app development companies in India, offers Apple TV app solutions for clients across the globe. You can hire dedicated app developers from us on a part-time or full-time basis for all your projects. As one of the leading app developers for Apple TV, we create video streaming applications that provide an immersive viewing experience. Zartek offers a wide variety of Apple TV development services to cater to the needs of your target audience and ensure that they receive high-quality audio and video content. The Apple TV app developers on our team are adept at using various tools and Apple SDKs for developing highly efficient applications that keep users engaged with your content. 

How Apple TV Works 

Apple TV, a streaming device like Amazon's Fire TV, Google’s Chromecast, and Roku, helps users access content being streamed from their favorite movies and TV channels. The nearly four-inch long and inch-and-a-half tall black box operates on an OS similar to the iPhone and iPad. This means that you can download a number of applications, such as Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime, among others. You can do much more with Apple TV: listen to and/or watch podcasts, play games, and stream music, among many other things. 

Apart from the actual TV, you just need two things to set up the streaming device: an HDMI cable and a reliable Internet connection. Apple TV comes with an Ethernet port for connecting to the Internet, though it also supports Wi-Fi connectivity. Further, it includes a remote control device. You can connect Apple TV to your television using the HDMI cable, and then turn on the device to run the setup program. If you are an iPhone user, you can use your phone to speed up the setup process. 

Your Apple TV converts your TV into a smart television set, and you may rent movies, stream music from iTunes, watch movies and TV shows through apps like Amazon Prime and Netflix, listen to podcasts, and even replace your traditional cable television subscription. 

Benefits of Apple TV App Development 

Apple TV is changing the way people watch television. It is opening up exciting new opportunities for users, especially in the way they use their television sets. Apple TV requires apps to enable users to listen to audio and watch video streaming content offered by various television channels and OTT platforms. This means that there are opportunities for Apple TV app development, OTT app development, game development, etc. Zartek Technologies is at the forefront of high-quality, functional app development services and has helped businesses of all sizes in India. We provide custom-built and white-labeled apps that can be integrated into your existing system. 

Besides, the nature of Apple TV application development has drastically changed with the launch of the operating system, tvOS. Users can now play games, watch movies, and share experiences. Zartek can help you capitalize on the Apple TV application development opportunity in India. 

Our Apple TV App Development Services 

Our Apple TV app development services include planning and strategy development, design and development, and testing. 

Apple TV UI/UX Design – Apple TV delivers great experiences and dedicated app developers on our team design UIs that wow your customers. Our design team works not only on product definition but also on wireframing and UI/UX design. 

Custom Apple TV App Development – Our skilled developers are capable of building custom Apple TV apps that are simple and complex. 

App Testing and App Store Delivery – We will remove all bugs during the testing phase and then submit the app to the App Store complete with app descriptions, listings, etc. 

Why Choose Us for Smart TV App Development 

We have a team of Apple TV app development specialists who are experienced in using the tvOS platform. Innovative and competitive developers on our team provide end-to-end app development services (from product definition to delivery) by following the agile process. When it comes to Apple TV application development in India, we have completed several projects. Further, we maintain transparency in all our dealings and seamless communication throughout the development process. Finally, we offer flexible engagement models when you hire app developers from us.

With our elaborate roadmap, which includes meticulous planning, user experience mapping, and innovative design solutions, we create powerful applications for Apple like Apple watch app development that deliver impactful experiences without compromising on the device's inherent style statement.