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Android and iOS
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Native Android, Native iOS, Python

Regional content has taken a sharper hike, and regional OTT platforms have sure swooped in and gotten quite the catch! Talkies is an OTT platform that caters specifically to all Kannada, Tulu, and Konkani speakers! Watch your favorite movies, web series, dramas, and TV shows all on Talkies.  Talkies also has original content that will keep you glued to your screens thanks to its engaging content. With an affordable membership, Talkies lets you browse content ad-free!


As part of the project, the client wanted to take over an existing application and fix any bugs that were present. In addition to that, they wanted the app to be made live so that users would have access to a premium experience once it went live.

  • Take over an existing application

  • Fix bugs

  • Make Application live


According to the client’s requirements, we studied the code and did a code review. Furthermore, we did QA testing and fixed all necessary bugs to invoke a premium experience for the user and finally pushed the application for release.