UX Consultant in India - User Experience Designer

Zartek is the leading User Experience consultant in India with experience in building 120+ products from clients across the world. We work with startups and organisations to create great user experience for their products which help them to attract and retain users. Creating a great User Experience or UX is more important than User Interface or UI Design and requires in depth knowledge of the customer profile and their journey. 

What is User Experience Design or UX Design? 

UX design is the process of designing products that are easy to use and great to interact with. UX designers work to enhance the experience that customers have while interacting with the product, and making sure they find value in the quickest time. User Experience focuses on the interaction of the product with the user. It focuses on where the buttons need to be placed, the size of the buttons and product, and tries to make the product more intuitive for the users. Focusing on UX will allow entrepreneurs to cut costs on costly UI design work at an initial stage. It will force them to study the target audience, see the user journey, define the information layout, and make it delightful for users to interact with.

User Experience Consultation by Zartek

Zartek works with startups and organizations to design a new User Experience journey for their websites, mobile apps or other software products. We also work with current products in the market to revamp the user experience and user interface design to make them more competitive in the market. Here is our process of creating a great UX design:

1. Understand the target audience

The application should be designed keeping the target audience and the customer persona in mind. The parameters to be considered are the user average age, geography, exposure to technology and other factors. 

2. Draw Data Flow Chart

The application should be designed so that the users can access the core features of the application in the fastest way possible. The core feature of the application could be purchasing a product or accessing a content based on the type of the product. Making a detailed flowchart helps to understand the flow of information in the application. 

3. Create Information Layout

The information layout is the arrangement and density of buttons, fields, and images on the product screen. Many products have multiple features in the application and the more information you feature on a screen at once, the less effective any one of those features will be. 

4. Draw Wireframes

Drawing the wireframes of each page in the application and linking the pages gives clarity on the overall layout and product features. After the wireframes are drawn considering the flowchart and information layout, this is tested with the target audience to ensure that it is delightful and easy to use. 

USPs of Zartek UX Design Consulting

  1. User experience helps to attract and retain customers in the application.

  2. Focusing on UX will allow entrepreneurs to cut costs on costly UI design work at an initial stage.

  3. Having a clear understanding of the UX will also bring clarity to the development team in the overall product features. 

  4. Wireframes also act as a prototype for entrepreneurs to pitch their products to potential partners and investors. 

  5. Testing of UX with the target audience help companies to prioritise important features of the application. 

At Zartek, the creativity of our UX / UI Development Service team and our drive to implement the latest technological solutions in a changing market have made us a favorite with our clients. We specialize in website design and development, mobile app development (iOS and Android), wireframe creation, prototyping, business development, and feasibility studies for various industry portfolios. Our flexible pricing structure and transparency in transactions make us the most sought after UX consultant in India. Our UI / UX design rates are based on the size and complexity of the project.