Live video streaming app development in India has come full circle. Now enterprises, big and small, are making big investments in the video streaming app development domain. At Zartek, we are a team of expert video streaming app developers that can develop a live video streaming app for Android or iOS. 

Live Streaming App Development Company 

Live streaming apps such as YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, and others are hugely popular in India. These have also become big turn-ons for seasoned entrepreneurs as well as startups looking to enter the live-streaming video app market in the country. 

If you want a piece of this cake, Zartek, a reliable live streaming app development company in India, can help you with a comprehensive live streaming video app solution. We build video streaming apps with high-end capabilities, covering TV, movies, web series, and, of course, live sporting events without any interruption. 

We have expert developer teams to build live streaming apps from scratch, or you can use our teams’ capabilities to extend the functionalities of existing or rudimentary video streaming apps. You also have the option of hiring our expert developer teams to kick-start your project if you have a cool video streaming app idea. 

Types of Streaming Applications 

  • Live broadcasting apps

  • Audio-only streaming

  • Video-on-demand streaming

  • TV live streaming 

Live Video Streaming Software Development 

Live video streaming software helps you enjoy your favorite shows, TV, and movies, anytime or anywhere on your smartphones or smart TVs. 

We, at Zartek, offer live video streaming app development services with outstanding video quality output. Our development services encompass corporate video streaming, OTT media streaming services, IP-based live streaming, and much more. 

Our video streaming applications can help you establish connections with online video streams in the User to User (Skype/Viber) method or User to Audience (YouTube/Twitch/Facebook) method. Our video-on-demand apps support both the iOS and Android platforms. 

The different types of video streaming applications that we create at Zartek include: 

  • Services provided by traditional television and cable providers

  • On-demand live streaming platforms with unique content

  • App for live streaming from autonomous TV networks 

Audio/Music Streaming Software 

As a reliable and competent streaming app development company, we at Zartek provide top-notch live video and audio streaming app development services. Our apps greatly simplify music and podcast streaming. Our app can help you start live audio broadcasting on both Android and iOS platforms. 

If you have a new idea for an audio streaming application, our music streaming service can help you out with great products. 

Types of music streaming apps: 

  • Portable music apps

  • Audio streaming apps

  • Music sharing apps

  • Music and podcast apps

  • Radio apps 

Live Video Streaming apps – Monetization models 

  • Subscription Model 

Fans can spend a specific amount weekly, monthly, or yearly to watch their favorite live content. You can also use this to unlock more interesting content that is not available to general non-subscription viewers. 

  • In-app Purchases Model 

You can integrate eCommerce options for encouraging In-app purchases according to age groups and genre interests. 

  • Ads-Revenue Model

You can publish ads from brands that will pay you for the service. You can charge different rates according to different ad sizes, frequency, and types of ads. 

Live Video Streaming App Development—Standout Features 

  • User login 

Each user can maintain their own personal account. They can secure their account with a password. All the user details are held securely. Users can mark off preferred genres and keep the notification option turned on to receive information about the latest TV shows, web series, or movies. 

  • Push Notifications 

Users can choose to receive timely notifications about their favorite shows, subscription details, etc. This would help to build user engagement and form a habit among users to check for what’s new in the app. 

  • Channel Subscriptions 

This is an important feature, allowing users to stay subscribed to their favorite channels and tune into new ones when they arrive. 

  • Stream Recording and Storage 

This convenient feature allows users to save their favorite shows to watch in offline mode and save partly watched shows to continue watching them from where they left them.