App Security Audit Company in India

Zartek is the leading mobile and web application security auditor in India with experience in building 120+ products from clients across the world. We work with startups and organizations to ensure the security of the application and prevent hacks or leaks.  Security audits can help you in reducing false positives, correcting security issues, maintaining access privileges only to authenticated users, identifying vulnerabilities and being prepared.

What is Application Security Auditing and Why Should I Care? 

Security auditing is the process of identifying and mitigating the security risks of a system. Organizations test and assess their overall security posture, including cybersecurity in a Security Audit. Security audits are a critical part of your overall security strategy. There is more than one type of security audit to achieve your desired results and meet your business objectives. If you keep your security audit process up to date, you can be assured that your organization is prepared to meet the requirements of the latest security regulations.

Regular security audits can catch new threats and vulnerabilities that may arise in the future. They can also help you identify areas of improvement.

Security Audit Workflow and Consultation by Zartek

  • Define the assessment criteria and scope of the audit.

    • Determine the overall goals to be addressed in the audit

    • Break those objectives down into specific areas 

    • Agree on how the audit will be conducted and tracked

  • Prepare the security audit.

    • Prioritize the audit criteria and objectives

    • Select the required resources and methodologies to conduct the audit

    • Find or create a method to gather the correct information

  • Conduct the security audit.

    • Provide audit documentation 

    • Monitor audit progress and results for accuracy

    • Use previous audit results to improve the audit process

  • Complete and share the results

    • Share the results of the audit with the appropriate parties

    • Create a list of actions to be taken to improve the security posture of your organization

    • Prioritize fixes to remediate the risks and pitfalls identified in the audit

USPs of Zartek App Security Audit

  • Experience with building 100+ products in multiple industries. 

  • Strong SOP implementation to ensure Standard Operating Procedures for Security Checklist. 

  • Dedicated Project Manager to guide the team on application security. 

  • 24x7 monitoring support to monitor security breaches in the application

Security is one of the crucial parts of web and mobile application development that cannot be ignored nowadays especially due to the increase in the rate of cyberattacks. If you are building an application that shares proprietary information or content such as a movie streaming application or financial information, having a third-party security audit is important to test your systems. At Zartek, we provide security auditing and consulting services to startups and large organizations to protect their applications from breaches.