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From its inception back in December 2018 to date, Flutter has been the love of App developers worldwide. India is not an exception. A large number of companies have emerged in recent years that offer Flutter mobile applications to customers. Flutter app development company in Kerala, India has flourished with a rapid increase in the number of Flutter technology users so as the learners since it promises an outstanding career.

Zartek is one of the best Flutter app development company in India that owns a dedicated team of professionals promising top-notch service. We are the experts in delivering easy-to-use and state-of-art mobile apps with distinguished UI and excellent user experience. We believe in developing products loved by your customers that help you to grow your business multifold.

Features of Flutter that we love

Being one of the top Flutter app development companies in India, Zartek has gained immense expertise over this technology introduced by Google. Our team of flutter app developers in India through their extensive research and years of experience builds excellent mobile apps across iOS and Android using Flutter. What is that exciting or wonderful about this open-source technology? In simple words, with the help of Flutter technology, the one thing assured is that mobile apps can be delivered to customers at record speed with performance hitting the rooftop. In technical terms, Flutter is a Google UI toolkit that helps in building beautiful, natively compiled applications not only for mobile but also for web and desktop from a single codebase. Any complex UI and animation in flutter can be achieved by using the triangle of complex UI .

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    Multiple platforms, single code base to maintain

    Flutter has good support for android, iOS, tablets. Recently Flutter web has been announced stable. Other supporting platforms are windows, macOS, Linux, embedded devices, TV's & Watches.

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    Customizable Widgets

    Widgets alone can make or break an app. They should be paramount looking and feeling good. Flutter has its own set of highly customizable and extensive widgets that perfectly match the customer brand. Flutter widgets are very natural. It is easy to tweak widgets to meet customer's wants and needs.

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    Unwavering Delivery Schedule

    We deliver the completely designed android mobile application in (or before) the promised time. A beta version will be shared with your team before that, for testing the accuracy of data, ease of operation, and completeness of the application.

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    Highly optimizable layouts

    Layout decides the size and position of each widget depending upon a set of rules. In Futter, every widget can specify its simple layout model. Since each widget has to consider a relatively small number of layout rules, the layout can be heavily optimized. Flutter does layout in linear time so that it can handle many widgets.

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    Declarative API

    In contrasted to web developers, app developers never had the extensive freedom of developing scalable UI that matches the app's brand. Flutter comes up with a reactive declarative style UI API. Thus the developer can concentrate on the desired end state that adds higher value. The strenuous, error-prone task of optimized mutations and animations is then taken care of by the framework.

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    Google Firebase Support

    Flutter and Google firebase work collaboratively to develop high-performing mobile apps in record time. Firebase gives full access to backend services while ensuring authentication, storage, hosting, and database.

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    Single UI and Business Logic

    Flutter does not rely on any platform-specific UI components to render UI. Therefore UI delivered is consistent on multiple platforms. A developer can save time, effort, and health due to this UI and business logic sharing.

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    Fast Development

    Faster app development is possible because of the feature hot reload. This feature helps to view the changes made in the code instantly on emulators and simulators. With the app still running, the changed code gets reloaded within less than a second. There is no need to restart. Is it not simply great for UI changes, adding features, or bug fixing?

  • 9
    High Compatibility

    Flutter widgets are part of the app and not the platform. Hence you may experience fewer or no compatibility issues on different OS versions. Therefore no much time has to be spent on testing.

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    Being open-source Flutter technology has rich community support in documentation, contributions, and feedback. Since Flutter comes free, the apps made using this technology are not expensive.

Our Flutter App Development Services in India

Zartek is a renowned flutter development company in India, having experts who have worked with numerous projects with a great retention rate. Zartek's Flutter app development services in India encompass a broad spectrum of industries. We love Flutter technology as much as our customers. It enables us to deliver your mobile apps with remarkable features in a lesser time. Nevertheless, they are cost-effective. Call us to get scalable, robust, and secure solutions.

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    Cross-Platform App Development

    Zartek, having a pool of developers who are highly skilled in flutter app development in India, delivers expressive, top-quality mobile apps that effortlessly run on multiple platforms like Android and iOS. Flutter technology enables this cross-platform app development to produce enterprise apps working smoothly in all well-identified platforms. Other platforms that Flutter is supporting are the web, Mac OS, Linux, Windows, IoT.

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    Application Enhancement

    We believe in continuous relations. Zartek not only focuses on the development of new apps showcasing customer's brands but also on the enhancement of existing applications. The competent team at Zartek is capable of delivering any up-gradation of your existing app with remarkable features and extensible functionalities in no time.

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    App Security

    App security always gets top priority on our list. The technology used in plugins ensures user authentication and secure data storage in the apps we develop and deliver. We care good care about adopting the latest security practices & methods.

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    Customized App Development

    Zartek can customize anything that you see on the screen effortlessly. We can do Element transitions, shape/color/shadow manipulations, clipping, transformations, etc. without any added workload to suit your needs.

Why Zartek for Flutter App Development Services

When it comes to choosing the best Flutter app development company in India, Zartek is one of the pioneers among the mobile app development and training companies in Kerala with a skillful dedicated team. Delivering 100% customer satisfaction has been our motto since the launch of the company. Zartek never compromises on app quality and believes in timely delivery with always keeping development costs at bay.

In contrast to our competitors, along with end-to-end development, we also give due importance to technical and communication support. Widely recommended as the top-rated flutter app development company in India, a separate inline team is designated to provide 24x7 support service to our customers. Timely maintenance and updates of the apps are well taken care of by Zartek. The project delivery within a stipulated time is always promised to our valuable customers with a precise plan on the development platform, design complexity, features and functionalities to be included, app testing, etc.

If you are looking for a leading Flutter development company in India to develop promising flutter applications for your startups and businesses, Zartek is the right choice.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Zartek is a top recommended Flutter application development company in India, having expert developers proficient in building extraordinary Android & iOS apps using Flutter for a large number of projects with a great retention rate.
Flutter speeds up the mobile app development process, reducing the development cost and building a brilliant app UI with high performance and smooth animations. One of the major advantages is lower maintenance costs as the number of resources needs to make the changes/fixes are 50 % lesser than native development.
The key feature of Flutter that makes it unique is its ability to use a single codebase to build apps for multiple platforms. Its high-performance rendering feature helps to deliver amazing apps with smooth functioning.
Flutter allows you to build apps for Android, iOS & many other platforms. Being able to develop for multiple platforms, Flutter is suitable for different industries including travel, food delivery, eCommerce apps, ERP, Booking apps, Video/Audio streaming etc.