Game development is the art of creating games to entertain and relax others. Not just creating, it also involves describing the design of the game, developing and releasing the same. Game development is an emerging sector that involves creating interactive experiences on various devices. They are now connecting via multiplayer games. A game proves how people can enjoy their quality time by connecting from different parts of the globe. People nowadays are more into mobile interactive entertainment applications. The data support this fact by revealing that 85% of the total users browse in from their mobile device, followed by 11% from PC and 4% from tablets. As a game development company in India, we offer extensive solutions to help you design, develop and market your game right from the scratch. 

India's soaring gaming industry is valued at around $1 billion and is number one in the world. Mobile users form an overwhelming 85% of the industry, followed by PC users at 11% and tablet users at 4%. This is a great opportunity for entrepreneurs to create an engaging game for users. UPI and other payment gateways have enabled easier ways for game developers to make money from the application. You can make an amazing game. But the success depends on how interestingly the players take them. So to create an amazing game that triggers the excitement and interest in others makes a team great. Zartek being one of the top game development companies in India helps entrepreneurs and businesses to create games in Android, iOS, Desktop, and Web right from user interface design to deployment in Google Play Store, Apple App Store, and Custom domain.

Our Game Development Services

As a reputed game development company in India, our range of services comprises everything from interactive design to game mechanics to development and testing. We will be your one-stop solution for game development services. Given below is a brief of our game development services.

  • Interactive Focused Design

  • Dedicated Project Manager

  • Game logic design

  • Multiplayer real-time game server setup

  • Scalable products

  • Deployment in Cloud Server

  • 24 x 7 Support

Known as the illustrious game developers in India, we know how important it is to engage a player throughout the game. The more interactive the game is, the more is the player's participation. So we look forward to creating interactive focused designs for people around the world. With a team of experts, we can provide scalable products and 24/7 support. Apart from these, we offer a multiplayer real-time game server setup that can help you reduce the time and effort required to complete the game.

With a presence in 3 countries, Zartek is one of the leading game & sports app development companies in India helping startups to build multi-platform & multiplayer games for their game business. If you are looking to build a game or interactive application, feel free to reach out to us. With in-depth knowledge in the game development field, we can help you to get free cost and time estimation. 

Industries We Cater to

  • Multiplayer games

  • Single-player games 

  • Card games

  • 2D games

  • Casino Games

  • 3D games

  • Story-based games

  • Augmented reality games

  • Virtual reality games

  • Mixed reality games

Technologies We Use

In this digital era, we have a plethora of technical elements to support the still growing game development industry. Being one of the top-rated game development companies in India, Zartek uses the most advanced and upgraded technologies in all our projects. The technology we use ranges from unity 3D engines and unreal engines to photon server, Python, and AWS.

  • Unity 3D engine

  • Unreal Engine

  • Flutter

  • HTML games

  • Photon server 

  • Python

  • Node JS

  • AWS

Why Zartek for your Game Development Services in India

When it comes to choosing the best game development company in India, Zartek is always on the list. Zartek can help your team to build games in Android and iOS with creative animations and along with payment gateway. Our pool of talented game developers in India adapts to the latest technologies, tools, and frameworks in the market and delivers the best game services. The efficient team from Zartek provides dedicated and reliable developers to startups who look forward to building a strong base for their business. We provide services that will help you scale your products and boost your business. This makes Zartek eligible to be known as one of the leading game developers in India. With immense knowledge in the game developing field, Zartek has the ability to create games that will trigger the excitement of players and make them feel engaged throughout. If you really look forward to associating with a creative, skilled, imaginative, and original team, feel confident to approach Zartek. We are always happy to work with you!

If you are looking for the best game development company in India to get a full range of futuristic game development services, then Zartek is the place for you. Collaborate with us for the trailblazing game development services in India.