Android App and iOS App

Android App and iOS App
UI/UX Design, Android and iOS App Development
Python, Flutter

Carryman is a delivery application exclusive to Malapuram district in Kerala. Want to order your grocery essentials, be it meat or fish, Carryman does it all! This application has been a boon to both the pandemic and post-pandemic eras, allowing your closest and largest businesses alike to deliver to your doorstep. 


The client wanted a delivery service application that was exclusive to the Malapuram market since such an application didn’t exist in Malapuram and was rendered essential during the pandemic era. The requirements called for a straightforward application that enabled live order tracking, allowed customers to view their order histories and place orders from multiple vendors, as well as a smooth payment gateway. 

  • Food delivery platform

  • Real-time tracking

  • Payment gateway


We developed three applications: a vendor application, a delivery application, and an application for customers. The development of this application included the integration of live tracking and a quick and easy payment gateway.