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Zartek designs and develops social media applications for users to engage and express. If you are an entrepreneur looking to build the next big social media app, please reach out to us.

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    Choose Engagement Model

    Based on the target audience, identify the type of system to build. It can be audio based in Clubhouse or video based like Tiktok.

  • 2
    Build Community with Chat

    Creating a smooth and seamless chatting experience can increase user retention. Chat can be enhanced by adding video and audio group calling feaure.

  • 3
    Use Network Effect

    The network effect refers to the concept that the value of a product or service increases when the number of people who use that product or service increases.

  • 4
    Release and Scale

    We will be monitoring on how the product is being used by the customers and help you to scale the product to more customers with digital marketing.

Zartek Technologies Private Limited is a leading software development company in India with expertise in mass consumer technology products. Zartek is incubated in Kerala Startup Mission in Kochi, India.
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