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Zartek provides dedicated developers for startups to help them build products and scale their business. We have resources in Android, Flutter, iOS, Python and React and will be managed by Project Manager. This helps startups to reduce their cost and focus on their core operations.

Based on the experience and skill required, we can provide developers in 3 categories - Junior, Mid-level and Senior. The cost per resource will be based on their experience.

Build a remote team for mobile app development and grow your business.

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Zartek Team

Here is our team of experienced product startegists and developers to deliver the best outcome for you.

Rishin Haris
Rishin Haris Chief Operating Officer
Leading cross-functional teams from a product's conception all the way through to its launch.
Mohammed Naseem Sr Android Developer
7+ years experience in Android and Hybrid Application Development.
Divya Pillai Sr Backend Developer
10+ years experience in Python and Flask Backend Development.
Aboo Thahir Web Developer
5+ years experience in web app and front end development.