The .NET platform which is free is currently popular because it is used to create different applications. Moreover, it provides the correct environment for programming in the different phases of software development. For this same reason, certified .NET developers are in high demand. 

.NET from Microsoft is a complete ecosystem with a development framework that allows for easy desktop and web application development. Without a doubt, .NET plays a very important role in the software development industry. It allows programmers to build any type of application with C# and other languages as well.

Why .NET 

1: Productivity 

.NET helps to develop high-quality applications quickly. Modern language constructs including generics, asynchronous programming, and Language Integrated Query (LINQ) make developers productive. 

With the presence of extensive class libraries, multi-language support, common APIs, and the powerful tooling afforded by the Visual Studio family, .NET is a very productive platform for developers. 

2: Any Platform, Any App 

With .NET you can target to develop any type of application that can run on any platform. Developers can code all of them in a familiar environment. This translates to building apps faster, with less cost. 

With .NET, .NET development services organizations can build any kind of application, mobile apps for different platforms (iOS, Android, Windows), Enterprise server applications (Windows Server and Linux), or even scalable microservices applications running in the cloud. 

3: Developers love .NET 

.NET is an innovative, modern open-source development platform and developers favour it. It ranked as the #1 most preferred framework in many surveys that have been conducted. 

4: High-performance where required 

.NET applications provide better response times while simultaneously requiring less compute power because .NET is fast. 

.NET performs faster than many other popular frameworks when assigned tasks such as database access, JSON serialization, and server-side template rendering. 

5: Safe and Secure 

With complete support from Microsoft, the .NET platform is used and trusted by millions of developers and companies all over the world. A huge corporation like Microsoft considers security a serious matter and releases updates whenever there are threats. 

6: Large community 

There are over 5 million .NET developers in the world. Any developer can take advantage of the large ecosystem by adding newer. It is also easier to obtain answers to technical challenges from the developer community, the MVPs that are already present, and the large support organization. 

Hiring offshore .NET Developers – Key Differentiators 

A typical .NET developer should be able to:

  • Build user interfaces

  • Troubleshoot software prototypes

  • Provide technical support to users

  • Develop programs for .NET applications

  • Create procedures for running the developed applications

A .NET developer should also possess the following skills: 

  • Knowledge of how to operate ASP.NET MVC allows a .NET developer to control every function of an application.

  • .NET developers should be able to write code so that the software and its applications perform the required function/job.

  • .NET developers should be proficient in C#, F#, and VB.NET.

  • They should understand database applications such as SQL Server, NoSQL, and Oracle.

  • Knowledge of client-side technology allows .NET developers to build appealing and user-friendly interfaces that are easy for consumers to navigate. They should be familiar with technologies such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Bootstrap.

  • Adequate budget and finance management knowledge enable .NET developers to use cost-effective methods of producing new application packages.

  • .NET developers need good problem-solving skills, should possess good communication skills, and should have adequate collaboration skills. 

Why hire .NET developers from Zartek 

As the top dot net development company, our technical expertise combined with agile methodologies has helped us develop an extensive range of .NET applications. Here is why you can hire .NET programmers from our organization:

  • We field certified developers in C#, ASP.NET(ASP.NET Full stack developers), VB.NET, SharePoint WCF, WPF, and SQL Server along with responsive design using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Angular JS, and other UI frameworks.

  • Our programmers are proficient in .NET web application development, .NET mobile application development, .NET customization service, .NET migration service, .NET integration service, and .NET maintenance and support services. 

  • We provide expert .NET developers who would help to boost your business productivity and enable a quick ROI.

  • We serve all businesses regardless of their sizes, locations and industry verticals. 

Hire Dot Net Programmers from India – Benefits 

India has a vast pool of technically qualified talent from which you can choose a dedicated offshore team. This will help you to cut development costs as the hourly engagement rates are economical when compared to Western nations. You will also enjoy advantages in speed of development and less time to market because of time zone differences.  

.NET Developer Hiring Models - Zartek 

As the top dot net development company, we provide different business solutions to our clients around the world tailored to their exact needs. Our flexible engagement models are: 

Dedicated Team Model 

If your project requires the services of dedicated dot net developers, you can choose this model. You can hire our .NET developers on a part-time/full-time basis. 

Hourly Model 

If you are running medium- and short-term projects, you can opt for the hourly model. There are no hidden charges, and you end up paying only for the work done by the developer(s).