Zartek Technologies is one of the top React Native development companies in India. We have a team of dedicated React native developers who are adept at crafting truly robust applications for any platform. Our developers have many years of experience in building and implementing highly responsive apps. Expert developers at Zartek leverage the power of the React Native framework to craft native and cross-platform apps that work seamlessly on multiple operating systems. In addition, we also offer custom React Native app development services to clients so as to help them meet their specific requirements. If your goal is to build cross-platform apps that give a native feel, you can leave the job to us. We will provide you with the most appropriate solution for your business. 

Why Should You opt for React Native Development? 

React Native is by far the most preferred framework when it comes to building cross-platform applications. This is because the app development framework allows code reusability and helps you to save both time and money. Developers need to use only one codebase for developing apps for both Android and iOS operating systems. 

Further, React Native is capable of delivering apps that provide a great user experience and run faster and on most devices. Apart from the fact that the code reusability feature of the framework accelerates the development process, React Native apps deliver top-notch performance irrespective of the complexity of your business. 

Besides, dedicated developers at Zartek are capable of getting your app to the market faster as the time needed for building apps using the React Native framework is much less compared to that required for building native iOS and Android apps. If you wish to make your app a big hit in both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store, then React Native is your best option. 

Our React Native Development Services 

Cross-Platform/Hybrid Development – React Native experts at Zartek employ the latest techniques to build mobile applications that help you grow your business.

Dedicated React Native Developers – We offer flexible engagement models when you hire dedicated React Native developers from us.

React Native Apps for Enterprise – We have the expertise and experience to design mobility solutions for enterprises using React Native. Our programmers have delivered scalable and secured cross-platform apps for businesses around the world.

App Re-engineering and Migration – Dedicated react native developers at Zartek are also adept at upgrading your app or migrating the existing app to the React Native framework.

Server-side API Development – This service enhances storage efficiency and information delivery.

App Maintenance – We will update your iOS and Android app as and when new versions of the operating systems are launched.

React Native Consultation – Our customers can seek help from the top React Native developers in our team to enhance their projects and to achieve their business goals.

APIs and Component Customization – This service helps you update your workflows to make them faster and more productive with the help of customized APIs. 

Our React Native Developer Hiring Models 

As an internationally reputed React Native App Development Company, we provide state-of-the-art solutions to large, medium, and small businesses around the world. The flexible engagement models we offer include: 

Dedicated Team Model 

If the nature of your business is such that you need the services of dedicated React Native developers, you can opt for this model. There are no hidden charges and you can hire our dedicated developers on a part-time or full-time basis.

 Hourly Model 

If it is difficult for you to quantify the app development work involved, it is a good idea to go for the hourly model. This pay-as-you-go model also does not have any hidden charges, and you only pay for the actual work done. 

Why Choose Zartek? 

We guarantee complete confidentiality of your app idea as a reputable team of dedicated React Native developers. We will strictly follow the terms of the NDA and ensure data security. Further, our developers have many years of experience in delivering high-quality mobile app development services. They create mobile apps that offer excellent performance across various platforms. Besides that, we employ the latest technologies, tools, and best practices in the industry to ensure the seamless operation of your app on all platforms. Moreover, we at Zartek, believe in working closely with our clients even after the launch of the project and supporting them in maintaining their app. Finally, one aspect that separates us from other developers is our ability to complete projects on time for all our customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

The resources we provide include analysts, designers, developers, quality testers, and project managers.
Yes of course. We have different teams for undertaking app development in other frameworks as well. You can contact us to know about app development in platforms including Android, Flutter, Ionic, React Native & Xamarin.
We will provide you with a list of React Native developers in our team based on the requirements of your project. You can interview our developers and select those who are best suited for your needs.
The resources we provide include analysts, designers, developers, quality testers, and project managers.