The product manager is responsible for marketing a product that addresses the market demand and represents a profitable business opportunity. A key element of the Product Manager’s role is to make sure that the product supports the company’s overall approach and goals. Being a reputed web and mobile app development company in Kerala, Zartek has worked with startups and organizations providing them with dedicated developers to work on their projects.

Although the Product Manager is responsible for handling the product completely in its lifecycle, conception through end-of-life. They accept assistance throughout this development from specialists such as designers, developers, quality assurance engineers, supply chain and operations experts, manufacturing engineers, Product Marketing Managers, project managers, sales professionals, and more.

What is the need for a Product Manager in an organization?

An expert product manager can assist the organization as follows:

  • Specifies the customer value of the sale: Product Managers can explain the benefits of products to their target markets and can provide sales with simple samples such as case studies of how products are used by similar customers.

  • Reduces Risk of Product Failure: Combining a set of assumptions, extracting business intelligence, and scanning the market reduces the risk of failure.

  • Deploys market needs with key organizational goals: The product manager can ensure that any new additional features, products, or ideas launched, solve measurable market problems that are consistent with the business objectives.

  • Predicts the future of  Organization: The product manager can interact with many parts of their startups or business and have a great view of internal projects as well as external elements to assure the successful delivery of the product roadmap. 

Benefits of Hiring Product Manager from Zartek

Finding a good product manager can be difficult, but Zartek makes it easy. We offer a wide range of services to our clients by providing an efficient product manager who performs the following functions:

  • Illustrates the product concept, strategy, and roadmap.

  • Collects, manage and arrange the customer requirements.

  • Works in a team with engineering, sales, marketing, and support to assure business case and customer satisfaction targets are met.

  • Since he has technical product knowledge or specific domain expertise, can demonstrate success in defining and dispatching products that meet and exceed business objectives

  • Able to define what to solve in the market needs document, where you articulate the valuable market problem you’re solving along with priorities and justification for each part of the solution.

  • Runs beta and pilot programs during the finalizing phase with almost final products and samples. 

  • Being a market expert his expertise includes understanding the reasons customers purchase products. This includes a deep analysis of the competition, and how customers think of and buy your product. 

  • Creates the business case for new products, improvements to existing products, and business ventures.

  • Builds positioning for the product.

  • Suggests or contributes information in setting product pricing

Zartek Technologies is the right place if you are searching for dedicated product managers who are proficient in product research, ideation, roadmap, user stories, execution, and launch. Leading companies hire product managers from Zartek for end-to-end product lifecycle success. Hire expert product managers from Zartek, with skills in research & Ideation, leading a team to MVP, Go to Market Plan & Execution, and more.