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Control and manage your AVXAV device from your mobile phone with AVX-Connect! This device management app lets you keep track of everything about your device, from battery charge to wifi settings to device operations. With AVX-Connect, maintenance of your AVXAV device has never been easier!


This Jordan-based company wanted an application that’d help users manage their AVXAV WiFi device right from the phone. This application must allow the user to check the battery charge of the device, manage the wifi settings, display the connected devices, and manage the SMS and USSD features of the AVXAV device. The application must be able to cover all AVX devices, and it must have a model selection. Starting off with a MiFi model, they want to expand by adding the client's current routers and other MiFis eventually.

  • Manage device settings in the app's dashboard

  • Control Device Operations

  • SMS Inbox and Send SMS


The user can log in via WiFi and access the necessary details of their AVX device. Keeping up with the devices’ operations is made easier with the AVX-Connect app. The application also has a model selection, and this device management application allows the user to view different devices' statuses while also receiving and sending SMS. The option of a factory reset is also provided here.