Saina Play

iOS App, Android App, Android TV App

Saina Infotainments Pvt Ltd.
Android, iOS
UI/UX Design, Android & iOS App Development
Flutter, Python Django

An all-in-one entertainment platform, mainly focusing on Mollywood movies, series, short films, music, interviews, and much more! SainaPlay provides an all-around entertainment experience, no matter what you're into, because there's something for everyone.


The client wanted a digital streaming platform that allows viewers to watch all sorts of regional content provided by Saina Infotainments Pvt. Ltd. SainaPlay follows a freemium model where it offers some of its content for free while charging for relatively new movies or TV shows. This meant they needed a subscription management system as well as a user management system. 

  • A streaming server to view regional content

  • A subscription management system for the premium tier

  • A user management system to keep track of user engagement.


A regional digital streaming platform was provided where subscribers could watch their favourite premium content as well as free content. A subscription management system to track recurring payments and process them is also provided.

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