Website Development, Payment Gateway
Angular, Laravel PHP, AWS

Get all your spiritual needs fulfilled with authentic crystals by your side. Buy crystals and stones, jewelry, crystal décor, and self-care items all in one app to help navigate your quest for spiritualism and meditation to achieve the perfect balance in life.


With the onset of the pandemic, the client wanted to sell crystals and jewelry online. This e-commerce website must have the entire catalog of what “Crystals” sells. Since crystals are quite valuable, a zoom facility must also be provided for the customers to view them properly. A payment gateway to facilitate online transactions must also be added to the Crystals website. A custom admin panel to track dispatches and do inventory checks was also required. 

  • An easy-to-navigate e-commerce website

  • Solid Payment gateway for online transactions

  • Admin Panel to track inventory and dispatches


An e-commerce website with the entire catalog easily available for display was provided. The customer experience was leveled up by adding a zoom facility to the products to show the authenticity as well as quality of the products sold by "Crystals." The payment gateway, Sadad, helped handle both online transactions and cash on delivery, giving customers multiple options to choose from. The admin panel for the client was made in such a way that tracking inventory and handling dispatches have been made a whole lot easier thanks to everything being digital.