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UFO Games Private Ltd.
UI/UX Design, Game Development

Numerous games are available by UFO Games, and the games sure are entertaining. Fruit Cut is one such game that lifts your spirits by keeping you focused and inducing better stimuli responses. Pro Cricket allows a typical game of cricket, but online. Smashing bowlers is how you win this game, and this is yet another skill-based game provided by UFO Games.


The client wanted two games that required high focus and skill. Fruit Cut is something along the lines of Fruit Ninja, and Pro Cricket deals with hitting sooner and harder to get a maximum score. 

  • A multiplayer gaming platform

  • Practice Modes and Pro Leagues

  • Great animation as well as visuals


Fruit Cut is a skill-based game presented in a multi-player, multi-winner format. With ranking as well as scoreboards, the player is encouraged to play as much as they want to get better scores. Fruit Cut is an addictive game with improved animation! Not to mention pro cricket,  where players have to smash bowlers as hard and as fast as possible. It's a limited-overtime multi-player game with massive animation that gives you the exact feeling of playing cricket outside. There’s a free practice mode as well as a pro league for serious players.