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Make extra pocket money with Hitchline on your phone! Hitchline is a one-of-a-kind app that puts forward a method of assigning your tasks to someone else in a particular region. Running errands has never been easier thanks to Hitchline’s HitchDrop! The application also acts as a tool to build your network through features like chatting with your friends and uploading pictures or short videos as "tales."


The client wanted an application that allowed users to interact similarly to a social media platform as well as bring in the idea of running errands remotely. A global platform where users can interact as well as get their job confirmed via audio or video call. When the user assigns a budget, a certain commission must also be deducted from Hitchline.

  • A social global platform for users to engage

  • A part-time income generation source 

  • An easy way to assign tasks remotely and make sure they get done according to your needs.


To ensure that Hitchline could also function as a social platform, chat as well as posting pictures and short videos were added. The short videos, or "tales," are formatted similarly to WhatsApp statuses or Instagram stories, allowing users to share their day with their friends. Hitchdrop allows users to assign errands around a particular radius for other people to do and earn money. A certain commission is provided to Hitchline for initiating this process as well as ensuring the errand is done according to the user's needs via the audio or video call feature. The user can also specify how much time must be spent on the task to ensure that it is completed to their complete satisfaction.