West Mount

Android App, iOS App

Ajith Kuniyil
iOS, Android
UI/UX Design, Android & iOS App
Flutter, Python/Django

West Mount Study Abroad is an online platform offering students access to international courses and online training sessions. With dedicated Android and iOS applications, it simplifies the process of finding and enrolling in overseas educational opportunities.


Ensuring data security and privacy compliance like especially with document uploads, was a significant concern. Also, implementing a robust Refer and Earn system presented challenges in tracking referrals accurately and securely.


To address all the challenges, we conducted thorough testing. For document verification, we incorporated a document status feature, enabling the student to view the status of uploaded documents, whether approved or rejected, facilitating smoother communication and process transparency between users and administrators. And for the Refer and Earn feature, we implemented a secure referral tracking system and ensured transparency in tracking referral amounts, enhancing user trust and engagement. These solutions ensured a smooth and secure user experience on the West Mount Study Abroad.