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Learn On
Android, iOS
UI/UX Design, Android & iOS App Development
Flutter, PHP

LearnOn aspires to be a microlearning portal where trainers can upload miniature courses with the objective of their students being able to access the course via particular access codes. The platform has gamification to ensure that students stay focused, competitive, and excited about the particular course. 


The client needed a microlearning application that would allow tutors or companies to upload courses at their convenience. This platform would need assessments to ensure learning took place and establish the concept of group study. The platform would also need a leaderboard system, to induce competition. An option to upload notes by the tutor apart from the audio, video, and text the tutor has published was also required.

  • Learning platform allowing tutors to upload bite-sized courses

  • Leader board system to reward students and induce competition

  • Allow tutors to check the progress of students


The platform allows tutors to upload courses and notify students of the new content. Action-based tasks and assessments, as well as a rating system, are used to track learning progress. The group chat feature was brought in to set up the clearing of doubts and socializing and allow the concept of group study. A leaderboard system was introduced to reward students for their efforts by the tutor and also to bring in competition, which would make the learning pace faster. This was done, with gamification in mind, which would have features to poke and congratulate either team members or individual players. Features like setting up reminders to complete courses as well as complete daily targets are also there.