GK SixHitter


GK SixHitter
UI/UX Design, Android App Development
Python, Flutter

Learning online has never been more entertaining with GK Sixhitter. Play multiple quizzes at once with topics that are your favorites. You’d both be learning as well as playing, thanks to the intense gamification of GK Sixhitter. Crack competitive exams by remembering essential information that is taught to your brain by playing games!


The client, being a teacher, wanted an interesting application that would get students hooked on learning. This could be done via intense gamification so that the user wouldn’t exactly know that they’re learning as they play. Keeping the game short is also a no-brainer since people should be able to play it during short breaks as well. 

  • E-learning application

  • Gamified with short facts to make content easier to learn

  • Create Categories to share with friends


An e-learning application that uses gamification to ensure students grasp concepts easily by involving a game of cricket. GK Sixhitter in your phone makes competitive exams like LDC, LGS, UPSA, LPSA, POLICE, and Other PSC Exams easier. You can also create categories to share with your friends as well!