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Zartek works with startups and organizations to ensure the security of the application and prevent hacks or leaks. If you are looking for a reputed company to perform an app security audit, please contact us.

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Application Security Auditing

Security audits are a critical part of your overall security strategy. There is more than one type of security audit to achieve your desired results and meet your business objectives. If you keep your security audit process up to date, you can be assured that your organization is prepared to meet the requirements of the latest security regulations.

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    Detect your Vulnerabilities

    You may not be aware when cyberattacks are causing damage in your systems. With our mobile app security audit and penetration testing, you can discover vulnerabilities in your app, foresee upcoming attacks and combat them.

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    Launch your App Securely

    Before going live, the app must adhere to user, technical, security and operational standards. By auditing and testing your mobile app, you can go live securely, and with peace of mind.

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    Get in Compliance

    Compliance of your Android and iOS apps is easy to obtain with our security audit and penetration testing.

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    Prevent Costly Cyber Attacks

    By performing security audit and penetration testing you avoid unnecessary expenditures on IT, legal, PR and other areas affected by issues that come with a breach.

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